Israel destroys ambulance ‘filled with Hamas fanatics’ & claims terror group is using medical convoys as cover

Israel destroys ambulance ‘filled with Hamas fanatics’ & claims terror group is using medical convoys as cover

ISRAELI forces have destroyed an ambulance said to have been filled with “Hamas fanatics” amid claims the terror group is using medical convoys as cover.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has said one of its aircraft struck an ambulance “that was identified by forces as being used by a Hamas terrorist cell”.

ReutersThe IDF says Hamas was using the ambulance as cover for its supporters[/caption]

An injured Palestinian boy is carried following an Israeli airstrike outside the entrance of the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza CityAP

ReutersGaza’s Hamas-run health ministry claimed scores were killed and injured in the strike[/caption]

A spokesperson for the IDF said: “We have information which demonstrates that Hamas’ method of operation is to transfer terror operatives and weapons in ambulances.”

They added: “We emphasise that this area is a battle zone. Civilians in the area are repeatedly called upon to evacuate southwards for their own safety.”

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry claimed scores were killed and injured in the strike, which it blamed on Israel.

A doctor in northern Gaza said as many as 50 casualties had been brought in to the al Shifa hospital.

It comes after the Hamas chief Ghazi Hamad told Iranian TV last week the terror group will not stop until Israel is annihilated.

Britain’s Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis said such calls were “an ­irresponsible stepping stone to yet more Hamas brutality”.

Hamad said: “Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country. Does that mean the annihilation of Israel? – Yes, of course.”

The Hamas leader added their legion of thugs are ready to keep repeating October 7 style attacks until there are no Jewish people left in the tiny Middle Eastern state.

“Nobody should blame us for the things we do,” he said. “On October 7, October ten, October one million – everything we do is justified.”

On October 7, Hamas terrorists launched an attack on Israeli communities killing more than 1,400 people and taking at least 240 hostages – including small children.

In retaliation, Israel carried out strikes on Gaza and has now sent troops and tanks into the tiny enclave which is controlled by the fanatical terror group.

More than 9,200 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza so far, two thirds of them women and minors, the Gaza Health Ministry said, without providing a breakdown between civilians and fighters.

More than 1,400 people have died on the Israeli side, mainly civilians killed during Hamas’ initial attack.

It comes as….

Israel claims to have ‘encircled’ Gaza City as their ground offensive advances all the way to the coast

The refugee camp dubbed a “terrorist stronghold” was targeted for a second time in 24 hours 

A top Hamas commander, Ibrahim Biari, was reportedly killed in the blast

The Rafah crossing is expected to reopen today and allow 92 British nationals to leave Gaza

Senior MPs joined the fight to get kids and Brits out of Gaza

The first Brits crossed the Rafah border from Gaza to Egypt

Rocket fire by Gaza militants into Israel has continued, disrupting life for millions of people and forcing an estimated 250,000 people to evacuate towns in northern and southern Israel.

Most rockets are intercepted.

Twenty-four Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the start of the ground operation.

Fears are now growing that the Iran-backed Hezbollah could open up a “second front” by attacking Israel from Lebanon.

The group’s militia leader Hassan Nasrallah said “all options are open” amid the brutal ongoing conflict.

The Hezbollah chief, 63, praised the Hamas October 7 attack and branded it a “sacred operation” that was “100% Palestinian.”

He warned that the battle has extended to “more than one front”.

The terror chief said the deadly attacks a month ago led to an “earthquake” in Israel and exposed the country’s weakness.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a temporary cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and issued a warning in response.

Netanyahu said Israel is continuing with all of its power and refuses a temporary cease-fire that doesn’t include a return of our hostages.

Thursday saw one of the heaviest exchanges over the border with Lebanon yet.

Hezbollah attacked Israeli military positions in northern Israel with drones, mortar fire and suicide drones, and Israeli warplanes and helicopter gunships retaliated with strikes in Lebanon.

Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said civilians were wounded in the Hezbollah attacks.

“We are in a high state of readiness in the north, in a very high state of alert, to respond to any event today and in coming days,” he said.

The exchanges since the start of the war have killed 10 Lebanese civilians and 66 fighters from Hezbollah and other militant groups and seven Israeli soldiers and a civilian in northern Israel.

Hezbollah is much stronger than Hamas, with an arsenal of some 150,000 rockets and missiles, some believed to be precision-guided weapons capable of striking deep inside Israel.

Israel has promised to unleash vast destruction in Lebanon if all-out war erupts, accusing Hezbollah of hiding its military installation in the midst of residential areas.

It comes as protestors calling for a ceasefire staged a sit in at London‘s King’s Cross station.

British Transport Police said they had made two arrests.

A video posted on X, formerly Twitter, appears to show a man draped in a Palestinian flag shouting “free, free Palestine” while being carried away from the station by three officers.

AFPIsrael has continued to bombard the Gaza Strip[/caption]

GettySearch and rescue operations continue after an Israeli attack on Maghazi Refugee Camp in Deir al Balah, Gaza[/caption]

APHezbollah leader Nasrallah described the October 7 attacks as a ‘sacred operation’[/caption]

APHamas leader Ghazi Hamad revealed to Iranian TV that the terror group will not stop until Israel is wiped off the map[/caption]

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