Heartstopping video shows Israeli commandos in fierce gunfight with Hamas in ruined hotel as they hunt down terrorists

Heartstopping video shows Israeli commandos in fierce gunfight with Hamas in ruined hotel as they hunt down terrorists

NAIL-biting footage shows Israeli troops raiding a ruined hotel while hunting down Hamas terrorists.

Israeli soldiers used guns and even a tank to take out the militants before uncovering a cache of weapons.

@idfonline/NewsflashIsraeli troops raided a ruined hotel to snare Hamas terrorist[/caption]

The IDF used a tank to blast militants@idfonline/Newsflash

@idfonline/NewsflashFootage shows soldiers ducking amid an explosion[/caption]

Dramatic video shows Israel Defence Forces (IDF) commandos in a brutal gunfight with Hamas at the hotel in Mulched, in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Soldiers can be seen combing through the site while wielding guns as they attempt to snare Hamas brutes.

The IDF also unleashed a tank – using it to blast at buildings as troops stormed the site.

A stockpile of weapons discovered by troops were destroyed, the IDF said.

Meanwhile, the IDF also released footage of another raid at the Al-Shati refugee camp.

Footage shows soldiers working their way through an urban environment razed to the ground.

The Israeli forces can be seen making their way through the streets and going from building to building while opening fire on unseen targets.

They can also be seen conducting a raid inside a building as the footage ends.

The IDF said: “Last week the fighters of the commando formation raided on foot in cooperation with armour, engineering and air support forces on the north of the Al-Shati camp, the most densely populated place the IDF has operated since the beginning of the fighting in Gaza.”

It comes after the IDF last night released footage of a Hamas tunnel they found near the al-Shifa hospital.

They said: “Hamas’ tunnelling infrastructure was exposed inside the hospital.

“Furthermore, a vehicle for the October 7 massacre was discovered, containing weapons and ammunition.

“In searches in the Rantisi Hospital troops continued to unearth a tunnel.”

Entrances to the 311-mile “Gaza Metro” were suspected to be inside the hospital after Hamas terrorists fled into the complex.

IDF troops seized the A&E and MRI departments at the al-Shifa hospital in a 2am raid and uncovered an arsenal of weapons.

They also seized laptops containing names of some of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas last month.

Dozens of victims were kidnapped by Hamas during the horror October 7 massacre – and haven’t been heard from since.

But today the IDF confirmed it recovered two bodies of hostages kidnapped during the October 7 massacre near the al-Shifa hospital.

Israeli troops discovered the body of Corporal Noa Marciano, 19, at “a structure adjacent to” the facility after she was killed by Hamas terrorists.

The teenager was serving in the Nahal Oz base when it was overrun by militants.

Meanwhile Yehudit Weiss – who the IDF says was taken from her home in Be’eri – was found dead in a structure next to the hospital.

The 65-year-old had been identified by forensic examiners and the family has been informed.

IDFFootage shows IDF troops and Hamas militants engaged in gunfights[/caption]

@idfonline/NewsflashThe clip shows Israeli soldiers combing through the building[/caption]

@idfonline/NewsflashThe IDF said a stockpile of weapons was uncovered at the site[/caption]

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