I went to gym in BODY PAINT – angry people told me I was a hygiene risk & it was inappropriate but its double standards

I went to gym in BODY PAINT – angry people told me I was a hygiene risk & it was inappropriate but its double standards

A WOMAN got told off at the gym for her “unhygienic” outfit choice when she decided to work out wearing mostly body paint.

Natalie Reynolds spent five hours getting a pair of blue jeans and a top painted onto her as part of a social experiment to get people’s reaction.

Instagram/nataliereynoldsNatalie Reynolds was criticised for her gym outfit choice[/caption]

X/@onlynatreynoldsShe spent five hours getting a pair of jeans and a top painted on as part of a social experiment[/caption]

X/@onlynatreynoldsA man confronted her outfit choice shortly after she arrived at the gym[/caption]

Within minutes of arriving at the gym, the influencer was confronted by a man.

He told her: “If you don’t have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma’am.”

Natalie argued back saying she did have clothes on, but the gym-goer said he worked in the entertainment industry “enough to know” that she wasn’t wearing enough.

The man also told her off for filming in the gym, saying she wasn’t supposed to do that.

Her clip has since sparked mixed opinions on social media, with some people thinking Natalie was in the wrong.

One user wrote: “Painted pants aren’t real pants.”

“That dude was 100 per cent right,” another added.

Natalie ended up getting community noted on X, formerly Twitter.

Community Notes, previously known as Birdwatch, is a feature on X where contributors can “add context” in order to provide fact-checks, under a post, image or video.

The note explained that the man in the video was ‘”safeguarding overall gym decorum” and warned that not wearing appropriate gym attire was rude and unsanitary to others.

Natalie then responded, comparing herself to another YouTuber and slamming bodybuilder outfits on Twitter.

In a tweet from December 27, she posted a picture of a male YouTuber in a gym with body paint on and said, “everyone is behaving like the world is ending’ when she did it.

“Let me get my gains and shredded in peace, pls,” she added.

The next day she posted a picture of bodybuilders in trunks and bikinis showing off their muscles, writing: “So when people wear these outfits it’s all about body positivity but when I’m wearing more then that it’s a problem.

“The gym allowed me inside, allowed me to film and had no issue otherwise they would have kicked me out…”

That didn’t fly with other people, who told her she wasn’t a bodybuilder and argued that what they were wearing in the photo was not what they would wear to the gym.

It comes after a woman’s gym session was cut short after fellow members of the gym had allegedly complained about her “inappropriate” outfit.

Still in disbelief, Kerry Rose Shwartz (@comfywith_kerry), believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to explain the unpleasant situation in more detail to her 127k followers.

”Something really disappointing happened…

”They actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable that I never want to go back there again,” the fitness fan said in her video.

The incident, which took place in an all-women’s gym, started by the owner of the place approaching Kerry for a ”quick chat”.

”I could sense that something was wrong because the conversation got uncomfortable really quickly.”

The issue, he then revealed, was her dress code – a sports bra and gym leggings which scrunch detailing on the bum.

Explaining the problem, the man said a few women were left feeling ”uncomfortable” by the bottoms Kerry was wearing that day.

”My initial reaction is confusion and shock… and then it was more like embarrassment.

”I almost felt shame – even though I shouldn’t.”

She added that fellow members of the gym had described the leggings as ”distracting” and ”offensive” .

”Why am I being shamed by this? Especially for a women’s gym…”

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