My husband bought me £1,000s of viral Christmas presents but I’m returning them ALL – they’re just so ‘tacky’

My husband bought me £1,000s of viral Christmas presents but I’m returning them ALL – they’re just so ‘tacky’

A TIKTOKER has revealed she is returning the gifts her husband got her for Christmas because they are just so “tacky”.

The social media star who goes by the name of Brampty admitted her partner is not the best gift giver in the world – but he really tried this year.

The TikTok star returned a famous Tom Ford perfume

She even returned a Gucci watch

These ‘tacky’ shoes sent back to the shop too

In a video posted on TikTok, Brampty showed all the gifts she got – and the list was quite expensive.

She started with a two $500 gift card from a brand that she said she plans to keep.

Then a pack of satin pillow cover came next which she seemed to like too.

However, the third gift on the list – an exquisite Tom Ford perfume – was rejected by the TikToker as she said it was “not her type”.

She said she would return the perfume, along with the next gift she showed to her followers – a sparkling pink passport holder.

Brampty seemed to hate that gift, and said she has never used anything of that sort.

And then she paused to tell her audience that even though she is going to return these gifts, it wont make her husband sad since they have been together for more than 12 years and he is very understanding.

Next up was a Gucci watch her partner got her for everyday use, but Brampty said she does not see it wearing every day – and will return it for better.

The most funny items on the list were three pairs of “tacky” sandals that she absolutely did not like – and said she was surprised her husband even got it for her.

In a later video, Brampty showed a little trip to the mall as she returned those gift with her husband.

She even bumped into her followers who affirmed she is doing the right thing by returning those “tacky” presents.

However, Brampty said she loves her husband no matter what and that its the thought and effort that count.

She said its her husband’s efforts that count

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