World’s youngest bodybuilder with abs of steel began training age three to be Olympic gymnast – and works out 6hrs a day

World’s youngest bodybuilder with abs of steel began training age three to be Olympic gymnast – and works out 6hrs a day

THE mum of one of the world’s youngest bodybuilders says her daughter trains for six hours a day to achieve an incredible physique.

Kynlee Heiman went viral online for having a six-pack at only seven years old and her athletic prowess.

Instagram/kynlee_the_greatA seven-year-old gymnast goes viral for having a six pack at a young age[/caption]

The youngster trains for six hours a day, three times a weekInstagram/kynlee_the_great

Instagram/kynlee_the_greatKynlee started doing back handsprings when she was only three years old[/caption]

And at such a young age, she can already show off a six-pack that any gym bunny would envy.

Kynlee’s mum, Angel Heiman, owned a cheer gym for a few years when Kynlee was a baby.

When she was about three years old, she showed interest in sports for the first time.

Angel told The Sun: “When Covid hit, I had a lot of equipment set up at home.

One of her brothers started learning how to flip and she was three years old but very strong and would try doing things.”

Kynlee started practising and learned how to do a back walkover and then a back handspring at only three years old.

Angel was a gymnast herself and her husband played football.

But she believes her daughter has surpassed her in the sport.

” I did sports all though high school. I was in gymnastics but she has definitely passed me,” she said.

Coming from a family of athletes, Kynlee and her three brothers are all exceptionally strong and love to workout.

“Everyone included her and they would workout and challenge each other,” added Kynlee’s mum.

Kynlee follows a strict routine, training for six hours a day, three times a week.

And twice a week, her sessions last only three hours.

Kynlee’s steel abs were the main topic of conversations online when she went viral.

Her mum responded: ” It’s definitely partly genetic. Three of my kids have abs and a stronger look to them but definitely work hard.”

Kynlee went viral online for her steel abs, boosting a whopping 333,000 followers on Instagram (@kynlee_the_great).

Many of her fans praised her determination and hard work.

One wrote: ” I taught gymnastics for 8 yrs! No one compares to you! You are amazing! You are going places!”

Another added: “Olympics here she comes!”

One fan left a joking comment, envying Kynlee’s physique: ” She got more muscles than me.”

Another agreed, adding: “She can probably carry a grown man around.”

Angel said Kynlee is not exposed to online comments that discuss her.

And as for criticism, the mum-of-four is not bothered.

“She is special and so talented and loving and inspiring.

Of course there will be opinions because she is different,” she replied.

Apart from gymnastics, Kynlee successfully books jobs in modelling and acting.

Appearing on runways, short films and advertisements in-between her intense training, she is proving she can do it all.

The young gymnast now dreams to become an Olympic champion, following in the steps of her inspiration- seven times Olympic gold medallist, Simone Biles.

Another young bodybuilder who stunned the world with his athletic prowess could lift three times his bodyweight at just nine years old.

Similarly, a 13-year-old internet sensation who is too young to join gym tells girls are already ditching their boyfriends for him.

Eric English from Canada has been making waves on social media for his Hulk-like physique.

The little girl is training to become an Olympic championInstagram/kynlee_the_great

Instagram/kynlee_the_greatKynlee acts in movies and commercials, and does modelling outside of sports[/caption]

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