I’ve won the lottery FIFTY TIMES thanks to my lucky number – confidence is key, says ex-Big Brother contestant

I’ve won the lottery FIFTY TIMES thanks to my lucky number – confidence is key, says ex-Big Brother contestant

A WOMAN who claims to have won the lottery over 50 times has shared her surefire trick to bagging the jackpot.

Social media influencer, Paulinha Leite, has said that you absolutely have to “play to win” and that confidence is the key to securing that win.

Jam PressA Brazilian influencer has claimed to win the lottery at least 50 times[/caption]

Jam PressShe has credited her success to her confidence[/caption]

Leite is best known for competing on Big Brother Brazil and although she didn’t secure the crown for the 11th series of the reality show, she has much better luck with the lottery.

The 36-year-old, who has 841,000 followers on Instagram, lives a lavish life with her winnings – which allegedly include some hefty figures.

She claims to have won jackpots in the region of £50,000 – all by having an eagle eye for magic numbers.

On December 31 Leite was crowned one of the winners of the Mega da Virada draw in Sao Paulo, which saw her getting 16 bets right.

After being awarded a prize pool of R$70,083.58 (£11,340), Leite told the newspaper O Globo that she is successful simply because she believes in herself.

Although she added: “The tip is to pay attention to the numbers that will appear to you during the day, use the birthday of the people closest to you or a number that you really like and put together your games.

“I’ve been doing this and it’s been working for a long time.”

Leite mentioned that she’s always been vigilant in regards to numbers and said that the extra notice she pays to everyday digits has resulted in her winning big even from a very young age.

She also revealed that her lucky number, four, features a lot when she makes bets.

Early last month, Leite took to Instagram to share the fact that she had earned R$4.2 million at Lotofácil together with 64 thousand other people.

“Each participant in this competition paid 35 reais and it was a success, thank you God, thank you universe,” she said in her caption.

While other lottery winners have blamed the jackpot for their demise.

Like Callie Rogers, who made headlines when she became Britain’s youngest ever lottery winner at just 16, scooping £1.9 million in 2003. 

She gave up her £3.60-an-hour checkout job and set about splashing the cash on designer clothes, three boob jobs and wild parties. 

The teen also gave away £500k of her winnings to family and friends but soon realised some were just using her, leaving her with “trust issues”.

Callie, 36, described winning the lottery as a “curse” which drove her to sadly attempt suicide. She was fortunately saved by her mum who found her and took her to hospital.

Then there was the self-styled King Of Chavs Michael Carroll, who was wearing an electronic ankle tag when he scooped £9.7 million on the National Lottery in 2002.

He was aged 19 at the time and splurged his fortune on a six-bedroom mansion in Norfolk, which he kitted out with a swimming pool and car racing track. 

Michael’s drug addiction saw him spending £2k a day on cocaine and eventually left him penniless.

He previously said: “The dealer who introduced me to crack has more of my lotto money than I do.”

And Gillian Bayford’s eight-year marriage was destroyed when she and ex-husband Adrian scooped £148 million on the EuroMillions in 2012. 

Their lives changed overnight and put so much strain on their relationship, it totally broke down 15 months after their win.

Both Gillian, 50, and Adrian blamed the stress from their mind-boggling win as the root cause of their divorce. 

Jam PressLeite has also said that she is vigilant with numbers and also uses her lucky number a lot[/caption]

Jam PressHer winnings are largely used to fund her lavish lifestyle[/caption]

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