How Epstein’s infamous ‘Paedo Island’ once ‘visited by Andrew’ will be turned into a RESORT after being sold for £40m

How Epstein’s infamous ‘Paedo Island’ once ‘visited by Andrew’ will be turned into a RESORT after being sold for £40m

JEFFREY Epstein’s infamous “Paedo Island” is set to become a dream holiday resort after it was sold for a whopping £40million.

Epstein’s horror island that was once allegedly seen as a hub for the rich and famous to hang around young girls is now becoming a luxury hotel complex.

ReutersJeffrey Epstein’s infamous ‘Paedo Island’ is set to be turned into a luxury hotel and resort after being sold for £40m[/caption]

Epstein with Prince Andrew who allegedly visited the 230-acres worth of islands alongside a whole host of famous facesJae Donnelly

APStephen Deckoff is set to create a 25 room resort in his beloved US Virgin Islands on Epstein’s former island after snapping it up for a reduced price[/caption]

The two islands – previously owned by disgraced Epstein – were bought back in May by billionaire Stephen Deckoff who snapped up the spots for a huge £40million – less than half the asking price.

After telling an intrigued public that he had big plans for the tropical property, his dreams are finally starting to take shape.

With an eye watering 230-acres of land to play with and a whole host of gear already in place on the islands, Deckoff had a whole world of choice.

But now – the founder of Black Diamond Capital Management – is hoping to convert all that into a resort with 25 rooms in a hotel paradise.

According to a real estate listing and various videos of it online “Epstein Island” has a helipad, private dock, gas station, high-capacity water filtration systems, two big pools and a tiki hut.

In terms of the buildings there is the main menacing compound and four guest villas allegedly fit for a prince or a president, three private beaches, a gym and a whole plethora of other bold structures.

The second larger island also has five buildings, including Epstein’s main luxury villa, a library, theatre, cinema and bathhouse.

There’s also a highly controversial large blue and white striped temple styled property on the island fitted with a golden dome and a statue of the Greek god Poseidon.

Despite the glaring issues many might have travelling to such a cursed location Deckoff has said he doesn’t plan on destroying anything Epstein left behind.

The buildings will stay up and the amenities will only be developed and expertly converted.

He hopes the the hotel will be open by 2025, with operations expected to get underway very soon.

In a statement Deckoff said: “I’ve been proud to call the US Virgin Islands home for more than a decade and am tremendously pleased to be able to bring the area a world-class destination befitting its natural grace and beauty.”

Billionaire Epstein bought the 71-acre island of Little St James more than two decades ago for £6million.

He later added the much larger 165-acre Great St James island in 2016 for a reported £14million – but left it largely untouched before his very public arrest.

Based in the US Virgin Islands, a lawyer for Epstein’s victims has previously dubbed Epstein’s island a “sex-trafficking palace”.

The sex offender – who killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges – has been accused of raping and abusing underage victims on the island as he used it as a hub for his devilish ways.

Among a whole host of famous faces to allegedly step foot on the sandy beaches of Little St. James and Great St. James islands almost none have been more scrutinised than Prince Andrew.

Andrew has constantly denied visiting Little St. James in the years since victims started to come forward but is set to be named soon in blockbuster court papers relating to the alleged paedophile ring.

The disgraced royal and ex-US President Bill Clinton are on a list of 170 names to be released in New York.

And it’s Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 40, that won a bid to unseal the secret documents full of information on paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, victims, friends, recruiters and more.

South African woman who stayed at the island, Sarah Ransome, said she was raped as many as three times a day over five months.

“A shark would have been my best friend at that point. I didn’t even think about it—it was just, get me away,” Ransome previously said, according to the Daily Mail.

ReutersThe two islands are Little St James and Great St James – which only cost Epstein around £20million[/caption]

ReutersDeckoff doesn’t plan on tearing down anything on the islands despite the horror connections to an alleged paedophile ring[/caption]

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