I make £2,500 every two weeks doing dirty job no one wants to do – I had no experience & all the food is free

I make £2,500 every two weeks doing dirty job no one wants to do – I had no experience & all the food is free

A BACKPACKER has revealed how he rakes in the cash doing a job no one wants – and all his food and accommodation is free.

TikToker @d_scvr revealed the extent of his earnings in a video, inspiring many of his viewers to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

tiktok/@d_scvrOne TikToker has shared how they earn thousands in just two weeks[/caption]

tiktok/@d_scvrHe works grueling hours as a caterer in the mines, but can go on more holidays than most[/caption]

tiktok/@d_scvrHe also gets all food and accommodation paid for over that two week period[/caption]

According to him, he is earning around £2,500 per week, only works two weeks in a month, and has all food and accommodation paid for whilst he’s working.

He’s been delighting his thousands of TikTok viewers with explanation videos, and also of the incredible travels it enables him to go on.

The traveler is a fly-in-fly-out worker, who has worked in several mining regions across the world, but is currently based in Western Australia.

He explains that there are more opportunities for FIFO work in this region, but that anyone can apply – as long as you have a trade.

He works in catering in the mines, but he’s also worked in tarping before.

In one video, he explores the differing pay rates in the mines, which is on an hourly basis.

He says: those working in utility can earn between $27-32, trade assistants tend to earn $30-45, drillers earn $35-45, bulldozer operators earn $55-70, while welders could earn up to $90 an hour.

FIFO is a very common practice in industries like mining, oil and gas drilling – as the sites are often in rural areas far from cities.

Typically, these sites will use portable buildings for accommodation and don’t offer staff or their families permanent residences due to the costs.

Either way though, the motivated lad works non-stop for two consecutive weeks, completing gruelling 12 to 14 hour shifts before he gets to take a well-earned break.

Due to the fact that most FIFO employees’ days are taken up entirely by working, sleeping and eating, sites have tended not to offer any recreational facilities.

For most employees this doesn’t matter though, as they then take the full opportunity afforded to them with two weeks off and a bulk of hard-earned cash.

The TikToker @d_scvr uses his time and money to jet off as soon as his two weeks of labour are done.

His page also contains snippets of his travels, and he thanks FIFO for his ability to visit places like Prague, Portugal, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, and the list goes on.

Although he admits that its a tiring job, he feels very lucky to be able to have a lifestyle that allows him to earn so much and travel the world at the same time.

FIFO workers have actually become increasingly more common amongst youngsters over the last few years.

One former flight attendant quit her job to become a FIFO worker just weeks ago, as she realised it would allow her to keep travelling the world and earn more.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “It is definitely a tiring job but also an amazing lifestyle if you are someone that wants to travel the world and earn amazing money.”

She added: “FIFO is something I really do recommend, especially if your young and want to travel, you earn amazing money and the lifestyle is great!

“You work hard for two weeks, then you have your week off to go off to another country or explore more of Australia, then go back to work, work hard earn big money and then travel again.”

While another miner, who goes by @fionafifo on TikTok, revealed that she earned £10,000 a month.

The Australian worker claims she has “the best paid job” in the country as a FIFO miner.

In one of her videos, the girl miner said a job in FIFO mining could get you between AUS$ 12,000 to 20,000 a month and up to AUS$ 100 an hour.

tiktok/@d_scvrAlthough the TikToker does admit that the intensive labour can be a lot[/caption]

tiktok/@d_scvrMore and more youngsters are turning to FIFO as it offers the ability to travel and earn[/caption]

tiktok/@d_scvrThis traveler earns £2,500 in just two weeks[/caption]

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