Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre was forced to have sex with another mystery prince, unsealed docs claim

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre was forced to have sex with another mystery prince, unsealed docs claim

PRINCE Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre was forced to have sex with another mystery prince, unsealed court documents claim.

The bombshell files relating to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the infamous “paedophile ring” were finally released last night and contain some shocking new accusations.

PAPrince Andrew with his accuser Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell[/caption]

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New YorkTranscripts from the unsealed docs lists several men Virginia claims she was made to have sex with[/caption]

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New YorkVirginia said there were more men but she can’t ‘remember anything else about them’[/caption]

Virginia Guiffree has previously claimed she was forced into having sex on Epstein’s orders with some very rich and powerful men.

But in unsealed court docs she revealed that she was also forced to have sex with another mystery prince.

In one of the pages the victim lists a number of high-profile names including Prince Andrew, Marvin Minsky, Glenn Dubin, Jean Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson and a “large hotel chain owner”.

She also added there was “another prince”.

Virginia claims Maxwell directed her to go and see all of these men and give them an “erotic massage” before having sex.

There is no suggestion the mystery prince is a member of the British Royal Family.

Virginia continued: “I am definitely sure there is (more men). But can I remember everybody’s name? No.

“I’ve given you what I know right now. I’m sorry. This is very hard for me and very frustrating to have to go over this.

“I don’t recall all of the people. There was a large amount of people that I was sent to.”

The order for the bombshell files to be released was given by New York judge Loretta Preska in relation to the 2015 defamation case brought by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Sun has seen the first set of released court files and is scouring through them for more information as more are expected to be released in days.

Prince AndrewBill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking and Donald Trump are among the high-profile figures named in the documents, which include previous testimony by Maxwell.

Virginia claims she and Andrew had sex at Maxwell’s house in London, at Epstein’s mansion in New York, and on his private “Paedo Island” of Little Saint James.

The British prince strongly denies the claims and has categorically denied ever meeting Virginia.

Elsewhere in the staggering doc, Virginia explains that both Epstein and Maxwell were “one and the same person”.

Claiming both of them directed her to “report back” on the encounters saying “their whole entire lives revolved around sex. They call massages sex. They call modelling sex”.

Virginia also says: “She’s the one who brought me to Epstein to be trafficked in the f***ing first place.”

As she also alleges in the deposition that she was coerced into having sex with Maxwell “everywhere” – including New York, Palm Beach, London, France, and New Mexico.

And they were made to take part in “girl on girl” orgies in the US Virgin Islands.

She claimed Maxwell had sex with underage girls “virtually every day” she was around her, describing the socialite as having “very large natural breasts.”

The island location was reportedly known as “orgy island”, or the “island of sin” by locals.

When asked to describe the girls Virginia responded: “There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were redheads,” documents show.

“They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages range from 15 to 21.”

Another woman who came forward against Prince Andrew is Johanna Sjoberg.

She made clear claims that the prince groped her breast as she willingly sat on his lap.

Johanna also testified that Epstein told her former US president Bill Clinton “likes them young” when talking about girls.

Clinton and Epstein were said to be friends before Epstein died in 2019 as he was awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges.

Email interactions between Epstein and Maxwell were also featured in the documents unsealed last night which appears to show they were in contact as late as 2015.

Other allegations also include that Maxwell would take sexually explicit photos of Epstein’s young victims to produce “child porn”.

AlamyVirginia Giuffre claims she was also made to have sex with ‘another prince’[/caption]

APEpstein and Maxwell were said to have asked girls they’d trafficked to ‘report back’ to them after having sex[/caption]

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