I work just four hours a day but I earn £1.6million a year – I don’t even sit at my desk till midday

I work just four hours a day but I earn £1.6million a year – I don’t even sit at my desk till midday

A WOMAN who has turned into a millionaire thanks to a side hustle says she works only four hours a day.

Kat Norton quit her corporate job to pursue a career on TikTok and quickly turned her life around.

A woman shared how she makes over £1.6 million a year while working just four hours a dayInstagram/kat_norton

Kat Norton turned her side hustle on TikTok into a profitable business in just a yearInstagram/kat_norton

Instagram/kat_nortonShe quit her corporate job as a management consultant and gained 900k followers online[/caption]

In June 2020, she was living at her parents’ house and buried in student debt.

Fast forward a year, she reached her first milestone and began making more in a month than most people earn in a year.

Kat teaches her audience on TikTok how to efficiently use Microsoft Excel under the account Miss Excel.

Only after a few weeks since she started her online side hustle, the influencer gained 100,000 followers.

She then began selling an online Excel course on her website, and just two months later her income surpassed her monthly paycheck as a full-time management consultant.

Quitting her job was a no-brainer for the TikToker who made £80,000 from sales in just one day.

Now with an audience of over 900,000 people, she earns a whopping £1.6 million a year.

Kat shared her typical work day and admitted the best part of it is working only four hours a day.

While an average worker is rushing to commute to the office, the influencer takes her time to relax with a morning meditation.

She prefers her mornings slow with a hot yoga session, a quick swim and sauna.

The work doesn’t start until midday for the entrepreneur, and even then it lasts just three to four hours.

With an office space and a content recording studio in her house, Kat is all equipped for remote work.

She shared that on Mondays she prefers to deal with the creative side of her job which includes setting goals, business strategies and content ideas.

And on Tuesdays, she switches into cranking on her to-do list which consists of filming content, editing social media posts and hosting a 60-minute Excel training for her corporate partners.

And between each task, the TikToker ensures to take breaks to reset herself.

She said it helps her be “more efficient” while working only 15 to 20 hours a week.

The self-made millionaire revealed she bought her first house with the money she made online.

In March 2022, she became a proud owner of her dream home in Arizona with a 270-degree view of the Red Rock Mountains.

And with the spare time she has now, she is able to travel the world, having visited seven countries in one year.

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Instagram/kat_nortonThe self-made millionaire bought her dream house that overlooks mountains[/caption]

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