Haunting photos from Epstein’s ‘Paedo Island’ show financier & Ghislaine host famous pals and scantily-clad girls

Haunting photos from Epstein’s ‘Paedo Island’ show financier & Ghislaine host famous pals and scantily-clad girls

DOZENS of haunting photos taken at Jeffrey Epstein’s “Paedo Island” show him and Ghislaine Maxwell host famous pals and scantily-clad young girls and women.

The previously unreleased pictures were made public in the latest document dump as they pose on the late Epstein’s US Virgin island home in 2006.

SDNYNumerous photos show young girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s island in 2006, including Nadia Marcinkova[/caption]

Sarah Ransome pictured in 2006 on Little St. James IslandThe Mega Agency

SDNYMaxwell is seen lounging around the house[/caption]

SDNYEpstein, right, is seen chatting to Peter Mandelson on the island in 2006[/caption]

Convicted sex trafficker Maxwell is seen lounging at the home, despite her previously claiming she was not there around that time.

Also seen in the images is Nadia Marcinko, known as Marcinkova, who as Epstein’s private pilot.

She has previously been accused of being an accomplice in procuring underage girls for Epstein

The 17 documents released on Monday had previously been sealed as part of a lawsuit in 2015 between Maxwell and Virginia Guiffre.

The images were part of documents attached to a filing about Sarah Ransome and give an insight into what went on while Epstein was on Little St James.

Ransome, who is one of Epstein’s accusers, was not part of the legal proceedings but had a role in explaining the inner workings of the billionaire’s “massage network”.

Lawyers for Guiffre used the photos supplied in the Ransome documents to argue that Maxwell was on the island, despite her claiming she was “hardly around”.

Images show Epstein on a quad bike, while another picture shows the billionaire chatting to a man previously identified as Lord Mandelson.

Madelson was the right-hand man to then Prime Minister Tony Blair in his Labour administration in the 1990s before being handed a peerage.

Other photos show groups of women on the island in 2006 as well as Maxwell in the home.

Ransome also gave hours of “critical testimony” revealing Epstein’s sex abuse and sex trafficking activities.

In the court documents she states: “I would just like to clarify, body massages meant sex, okay? That’s like a key word for sex.

“So as soon as you stop having sex with Jeffrey and his friends and his girls, you’re out, because otherwise there’s no reason for you to be associated with Jeffrey, because you’re just there to have sex with him.”

In the documents it is claimed that Maxwell ran the house “like a brothel”.

When questioned, Ransome said: “There was a constant influx of girls. There were so many girls. There were girls in Miami.

“There were guests coming. There were – It’s like, I’m sure if you go into a hooker’s brothel and see how they run their business, I mean, it’s just general conversation about who’s going to have sex with who and, you know – what do you talk about when all do you is have sex every day on rotation? I mean, what is there to talk about?”

She was then asked: “Apart from general conversation, do you recall any specifics of any female reporting to Ghislaine?”

Ransome replied: “Yes, I saw. And with my own eyes, I saw how Ghislaine and Lesley Groff and the other girls reported to them. And we were told by Jeffrey Epstein to listen to Ghislaine.

“So Ghislaine was the main right-hand woman of Jeffrey Epstein. We were told by Jeffrey Epstein to listen to Ghislaine.”

Ransome also revealed in the deposition how the women were on “rotation”.

She said: “Our rotation changed every day that specific trip we had in December. So, for example, I would be called. Maybe a couple hours when Jeffrey had a little, you know, break, another girl was called.

“Then another girl was called. Every single day. We tried to hide on different – like, so we wouldn’t have to get called. We’d generally have to sit in the main area. 

“There was like a big pool, the main seating area. There was a big table. We’d sit there and do kind of art on the table, and we always had to be around. We weren’t allowed to go very far on the island.

“We always had to report to Ghislaine and Jeffrey and tell them if we were going down to the beach to swim because they had an inflatable trampoline. So they – I mean, we always had to tell Ghislaine and Jeffrey where we were at all times.”

The documents also show the girls on the island viewed Maxwell as the “mama bear”.

Ransome said: “I saw how she interacted with all the girls. You know, if you walk into any – I mean, common sense wise, if you walk into a firm, you kind of know who the boss is. 

“You know, all the girls kind of reported to Ghislaine. Ghislaine was like the mama bear, if you know what I mean.

“She called the shots; we had to listen to Ghislaine. And Ghislaine was Jeffrey’s right-hand woman.”

Ransome also alleged in her testimony to seeing Epstein’s pilot Nadia having sex with him while they were on the plane.

She was asked: “What types of sexual relationship did Jeffrey and Nadia have on the plane in your presence?”

And she replied: “Well, Nadia was straddling Jeffrey for quite some time. I watched them both ejaculate with each other. They were having quite a good time together.”

All the filings come from a defamation lawsuit in 2015 that Giuffre filed against Maxwell.

Giuffre at the time had gone public with her claims that she had been sexually trafficked by Maxwell and Epstein to Prince Andrew.

She also claimed Maxwell and Epstein had abused countless other girls in similar ways.

Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein denied the allegations.

Giuffre sued Maxwell after she publicly labelled her a liar.

The case was eventually settled in 2017, two years before Epstein was charged and later died by suicide in prison, as well as before Maxwell’s arrest.

The documents have now been put in the public domain following repeated requests from the media and some of those caught up in the scandal, who wanted transparency from the court.

It was expected a list that unmasked the 187 Jane and John Does whose names were previously protected would be released.

The court has not fulfilled that request, and instead has published hundreds of pages where the names were previously redacted.

The Sun Online has contacted Lord Mandelson for comment.

Maxwell with Jean Luc Brunel in 2006 on the islandThe Mega Agency

Epstein riding a quad bike in 2006 on Little St. James IslandSDNY

A number of women were pictured in the documents, including Epstein’s pilot Nadja MarcinkovaThe Mega Agency

Epstein and Maxwell had previously been in a relationshipThe Mega Agency

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