I live off-grid & rent free in a cabin I built myself in the woods  – it is cheaper but there are some big problems

I live off-grid & rent free in a cabin I built myself in the woods  – it is cheaper but there are some big problems

A FARMER has shown people on YouTube the ups and downs of living off-grid.

The Canadian filmmaker and farmer admits he had no skills when he decided to live in a cabin away from society.

YouTubeA Canadian filmmaker has built a house in the woods entirely by himself[/caption]

YouTubeHe said that he had no experience when he started and used YouTube tutorials[/caption]

The entire project cost him under $200,000

“When I started this place I literally bought like a hand saw and then I was like okay I think I’m gonna need more tools,” he said.

He initially started the project because he didn’t have a lot of money and thought living off-grid would be the cheaper option.

Yet, as he began to build his cabin he quickly realised the costs were adding up.

He said: “I thought it would be cheaper but in fact, it’s quite more expensive.”

He bought the land for $10,000 and his cabin cost $40,000 to frame.

However, he claims that the initial framing of his cabin was “rustic and rudimentary”.

He also had to install a septic tank which equally hurt the Canadian’s pocket.

Totalling up all of his costs he reckons he has spent around $175,000.

In the video, he explains: “I added things and like just the septic tank was over 40 grand.

“Lithium batteries the new solar and the big water shed like just the plastic tank was four thousand dollars.

“You can’t dig a well for four thousand dollars but like I mean it’s quite expensive so say you add things it goes quick.”

The finished cabin is around 556 square feet with him, his girlfriend and their cat living in it.

There are three floors featuring a lovely kitchen, a small office place and a bedroom on the top floor.

There is also space for a living room and a bathroom.

He said: “It’s small but like everything is working well and it’s comfortable here.

“I mean you don’t need much bigger.”

The filmmaker collects energy using the solar panels he installed and also has a backup generator when there is no sun.

He can go “approximately two days without sun” before using his generator.

For around four months of the year, there is less sunlight and he has to rely on the generator a lot more which costs him $200.

The farmer claims he never runs out of water as it rains frequently where he lives.

By heating the shed where the water is stored using a fan blowing hot air from the cabin he can prevent the water from freezing.

However, he says he is wary of how much water he uses.

He explained: “You got to be careful like maybe two, three showers a week and not long showers.

“During the summertime, it’s another story, the tank is always full so if you want to have a ten-minute shower go ahead.”

YouTubeHe even installed his solar panels himself[/caption]

YouTubeThe cabin is fully equipped with all the amenities you could dream of – including a home office[/caption]

YouTubeThe property spans three floors, and is lived in by him, his girlfriend and their cat[/caption]

YouTubeAlthough he admits that there are problems – like the heating[/caption]

YouTubeHe has to shovel the road by himself[/caption]

YouTubeHe also revealed that he has to be careful with how many showers he has in the winter[/caption]


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