Huge £826m superyacht so big you need a golf cart to get around is inspired by a SHARK with windows like deadly teeth

Huge £826m superyacht so big you need a golf cart to get around is inspired by a SHARK with windows like deadly teeth

JAW-DROPPING plans for a shark inspired £826million superyacht fit for a king have been unveiled.

The flashy floater is set to be so huge passengers will need a golf cart to explore its lavish confines.

SWNSPlans for an incredible shark inspired super yacht have been revealed[/caption]

SWNSThe ship is called Outrageous and will be 322 meters long[/caption]

SWNSThe design incorporates shark-like elements, including windows representing teeth and gills[/caption]

Outrageous is the brain-child of Italian design studio Lazzarini, and its design is inspired by a hammerhead shark.

The windows of the ship will pay-homage to this and will represent teeth and gills.

The 322 metre long boat boasts a huge top deck which overhangs the bow, mimicking the distinctive eye and nostrils characteristics of its sea life inspiration.

The vessel is also painted in a shark-like grey for added effect.

A convenient heliport sits aboard the ship for its A list guests and it can accommodate not one but two helicopters.

The heliport can also be retracted to expose the yacht‘s leafy interior.

Given the length of the vessel, owners can employ a golf buggy to travel from end to end without having to exert themselves.

Other features include five swimming pools, solar panels, ample deck space for lounging and room for several tenders at the stern.

Lazzarini say: “At this stage the Outrageous is just a concept, however, an estimation in production cost for a client should be around £860million.”

The design studio is known for its quirky concepts, which have included a yacht fused with two blimps, and a £6.8billion turtle-shaped floating city.

If it’s ever built the turtle would become the largest floating structure ever seen.

The vessel would be 550 metres long and 610 metres at its widest point.

At its peak, it could host 60,000 guests, making it effectively a floating city.

It would include hotels, shopping centres, parks, as well as ship and aircraft ports, according to Lazzarini.

They hope the ambitious scheme will become a reality following an NFT-related crowdfunding project.

SWNSThe ship would cost £826million[/caption]

SWNSThe ship is designed by Italian design studio Lazzarini[/caption]

SWNSLazzarini’s previous designs have include this turtle shaped floating city[/caption]

SWNSAnother one of Lazzarini’s previous designs included this Air-Yacht[/caption]

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