I make £800 a DAY without a degree doing a job no one wants – it was entry level & now I save enough to travel the world

I make £800 a DAY without a degree doing a job no one wants – it was entry level & now I save enough to travel the world

A YOUNG worker has revealed how he makes £800 a day to splurge on travelling without having a degree.

Mason Francis shared the perks of his job, but the work isn’t for fainthearted.

An Australian worker makes £800 in just one day without a degreeTikTok/ @Sandy Snatch Kid

He works in an offshore oil rig where an average salary is over £90,000 a yearInstagram

InstagramMason shared that he works just half the year and spends the rest of the time travelling[/caption]

Mason is a fly-in-fly-out worker on an oil rig in Karratha, Australia.

He posted on TikTok that he earns £800 for just a day’s work.

And the savvy worker says he didn’t need a university degree to secure his position.

In the video, he revealed that completing courses and ten weeks of training was enough for him to qualify for the gig.

He started off on an entry-level position as a rigger.

Now the Tiktoker makes a little over £8,400 a month after tax.

And Mason’s income is typical for an oil rigger, with an average employee making over £90,000 a year in Australia.

An offshore oil and gas industry is known for high labour compensation.

“Any offshore rig will pay you this money,” he wrote online.

But the reality of his job means he has to work for 28 days without a break.

And working offshore entails being on a boat surrounded by terrifying waves and sharks.

In one of his most viral videos, which accumulated over 3.7 million views, he showed a frightening scene of waters brimming with sharks.

Mason confessed that “there is always sharks, rough seas and strong currents” surrounding the ship.

He also added: “They definitely make you work for your money offshore.”

Although the job is tough, Mason gets to travel the world on his time off and spends half of the year resting.

FIFO work has become increasingly popular, offering free accommodation, flights and food to employees.

With a high-earning potential and six months off work, it is an offer one can’t refuse.

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TikTok/ @Sandy Snatch KidMason also shared the terrifying dangers of working on a ship[/caption]

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