Chilling pic reveals moment hiker unknowingly passes ‘terrifying Night Marcher demon’ in haunted forest during eclipse

Chilling pic reveals moment hiker unknowingly passes ‘terrifying Night Marcher demon’ in haunted forest during eclipse

AN ATHLETE has revealed her chilling encounter with a terrifying “Night Marcher demon” during a marathon in a haunted forest.

Pictures show runner Kay Borleis unknowingly passing through a creepy-looking entity during her 100-mile run in Hawaiian rainforests.

kayborleis.comA marathon runner has revealed a chilling encounter with a terrifying entity in Hawaiian rainforests[/caption]

kayborleis.comKay Borleis passed through a ‘terrifying Night Marcher demon’ during her 100-mile run[/caption]

Kay, who has been an avid runner for many years, decided to take part in the HURT 100-mile race on the Honolulu Mauka trails in Oahu.

The run, known to be one of the most challenging of all, is a 20-mile loop through the Hawaiian rain forests that athletes have to run five times.

Kay had travelled to the island with her friend Cassey, who ran the last two laps as a pacer.

During the fourth lap, Cassey started clicking pictures of Kay running through the breathtaking surroundings.

Sometime around sunrise, Kay, who had never dropped from a race in her life, told Cassey she felt a sharp pain in her leg – and said she wanted to quit.

Even after an encouraging pep talk from her pacer friend, Kay decided to drop the race during the fourth lap.

After giving verbal consent to the organisers, the pair returned to their Airbnb where an excited Cassey started sending the marathon pictures to their friends and family.

It was at that point when they noticed something bizarre – one of the pictures showed Kay running past a creepy-looking entity during her lap.

Both of them claimed to have seen nothing during their time in the Hawaiian rainforests – but the picture told a different story.

After digging out some information about the place, Kay and Cassey discovered a haunting legend linked to the creepy trails of that mountain.

According to legend, ghosts of Hawaiian warriors called “Nightmarchers” roam the island – and anyone who sees these evil entities would die horribly and violently.

The pair, haunted by the chilling incident, posted the pictures online on Reddit.

Kay wrote in the caption: “While pacing me in HURT 100 miler, my pacer took this photo.

“Notice the figure in the frame to the left of my head. We never saw anyone passing us and there were no statues along the trail. My pacer took two ‘live’ photos and you see it moving towards us.

“It is NOT photoshopped or made. This is legit. And we saw it the morning of the Blood.”

People flocked to comment about their thoughts on Kay’s creepy encounter.

One of the users said: “This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.”

Another wrote: “Yeah that genuinely really freaked me out when I watched the Live Photo.”

A third said: “Have you seen the Live Photo? The thing is see-through and coming out of seemingly nowhere. Even the simplest explanation doesn’t seem logical at all actually.”

Meanwhile, a terrified couple shared frightening footage of mysterious abnormalities that were happening around their house.

The Pennsylvania pair documented what they claim to be “paranormal activity” disrupting their house.

They showcased multiple clips of furniture moving, breaking, and even spinning as evidence of a presence in their home.

“We are not gonna let this thing run our lives! We are going to continue to try and do anything we can to stop this activity,” the family wrote in one recent post on their TikTok account.  

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