I do a job that no one wants – I make £6,000 a month and get to take a holiday every TWO WEEKS

I do a job that no one wants – I make £6,000 a month and get to take a holiday every TWO WEEKS

A SAVVY woman has revealed how she is able to travel every two weeks thanks to a generous salary of £6,000 a month.

Clio from Ireland moved over 9,000 miles away from her home and ditched her previous job in healthcare to cash in on a new job.

tiktok.com/@cliodhnaClio now makes her monthly salary in just one week[/caption]

tiktok.com/@cliodhnaShe works in utility at a mine site in Australia[/caption]

tiktok.com/@cliodhnaHer job requires no expense with accommodation and food provided for[/caption]

The worker posted on TikTok the perks of her new occupation and shared how she got into the role.

Clio works as in a utility job on a mining site in Australia on a flying-in-flying-out basis.

Her role entails general housekeeping and cleaning duties around the camp.

She claims that she makes her monthly wage in one week since quitting healthcare sector in Ireland.

Clio answered that she can earn anywhere from £1,200 to £1,570 in a single week.

The TikToker also admitted she is able to go on a holiday bi-weekly.

FIFO job means Clio works for two weeks straight without a break, and then gets to enjoy her well-deserved one week off.

She shared images from her travels around Australia and South-East Asia that she books every two weeks.

When asked about how she got into the FIFO, Clio admitted it took her two to three tries.

She also recommended those who want to follow her suit to ensure they have relevant experience.

FIFO jobs in Australia are becoming increasingly popular due to the high salaries they offer.

Working on a FIFO usually means no extra expenses as workers get accommodation, flights and food provided for.

The prospect of saving up on rent or extra bills, and having to work only half the year is the reason many workers overlook the long hours and physical demands of the job.

truck driver from New Zealand known as TheBrossy has taken to TikTok showing what it’s like to make £2,000 a week in FIFO.

And a young worker has revealed how he makes £800 a day without having a degree.

Another man has told he left his job to work in the mines as he makes over £30,000 more than he did before.

tiktok.com/@cliodhnaClio shared the perks of her new job on TikTok[/caption]

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