Moment heartless woman steals ill man’s £160 ticket after he collapses at fruit machine…& cashes it as he lies on floor

Moment heartless woman steals ill man’s £160 ticket after he collapses at fruit machine…& cashes it as he lies on floor

THIS IS the moment a “weak” woman stole money from a terminally ill pensioner who had collapsed.

Thomas Purtill, 80, had “decided to go up and throw a few dollars in the pokies” at his local pub, just north of Brisbane, before he suffered a medical episode.

7newsThomas Purtill had suffered a medical episode when a woman stole from him[/caption]

YouTube/@ 7NEWS AustraliaThe 80-year-old fell to the ground next to the machine he had won £160 on[/caption]

YouTube/@ 7NEWS AustraliaThe thieving woman approached Purtill initially looking concerned for him[/caption]

The pensioner was about to cash in his winnings of £160 when he collapsed to the ground of the pub and dropped his ticket.

“I remember landing on the floor,” Purtill told 7NEWS.

“I think I fell over before I got the ticket into the machine (to cash it in).”

CCTV footage from the pub showed the thief initially looking concerned for the 80-year-old, and calling over pub staff.

When she returns, Purtill can be seen pointing to something by the machine.

The woman appears to notice the ticket he had dropped, moves over to the machine, and quickly pockets his winnings.

While Purtill received medical attention, the brazen thief snuck away from the scene and used another machine to withdraw the winnings.

The CCTV footage has since been released in order to help police identity the criminal involved.

When Purtill was asked what he thought of the thief’s actions, he said: “I can’t really say on TV. It wouldn’t be allowed.

“If you’re that desperate … If someone came up to me and said, ‘You’ve had a win, can I have $10 to buy a loaf of bread, a bottle of milk for the kids?’, I would have given it to them.”

He went on to call her “weak”, and urged anyone who might know the woman to “give her up”.

Although, he says that his faith in humanity was restored after the incredible treatment he received, and after staff members offered to reimburse his stolen winnings.

Purtill spent two days in hospital after the incident on November 27.

After a series of tests doctors uncovered the reason for his collapse, and told him he has terminal cancer.

He has since returned for cancer treatment, and told that he has between three to six months to live.

“I don’t want to die,” he said.

“But I’m going to.”

Police are urging anyone with information about the woman to come forward.

YouTube/@ 7NEWS AustraliaAfter the woman alerted staff she noticed the dropped ticket and quickly pocketed it[/caption]

YouTube/@ 7NEWS AustraliaWhile Purtill was receiving medical attention the woman snuck away from the scene[/caption]

YouTube/@ 7NEWS AustraliaShe went to another machine and quietly withdrew Purtill’s winnings[/caption]

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