I make £2,000 a week doing a job no one wants to do and I get to keep EVERY penny of it…my food and housing are free

I make £2,000 a week doing a job no one wants to do and I get to keep EVERY penny of it…my food and housing are free

A WORKER has shared how he is able to rake in £2,000 a week doing a job no one wants to do.

Cal McIIwaine has the internet in a spin after he took to TikTok to reveal what his “unreal” job entails and the perks that come with it.

TikTok/@calmcilwaineA fly-in-fly-out worker has revealed the job he does that rakes in the cash[/caption]

In the video – which has now racked up more than 100,000 likes – he says not only does he make a pretty penny but he’s also treated to free food and housing.

In the clip a bearded and battle hardened Cal is donning a bright orange suit covered in dirt – and appears to have had a long days work.

He’s a fly-in-fly out worker on an Australian mine and wins his bread by working for long hours and spending weeks on end away from home.

The Irishman starts by saying how “lucrative” his job is and says “up here you’re not really spending any money on anything.”

Although this career might seem appealing – as Cal says you can make a “f*** load of money,” – he explains how this isn’t down to high hourly wages.

And, although he does get double pay for the last two hours of his 12 hour shifts, hard graft is still required to make big bucks.

He said: “You’re just given the ability to work a f*** load of hours, you’re not given a high hourly rate or anything.

“I work 84 hours a week but someone back home working full time is working 37 hours.”

Cal also shared a breakdown of his pay for three weeks away on the mine.

He said: “My first week I was earning $3470 AUD (£1,805) and then my second week I was earning $3944 (£2,052).”

He explained he’s payed less the first week because when workers fly in they miss a day of work travelling.

Cal described this amount as “f***** mental” and said “back home you’d have to work five weeks to make that amount.”

He said: “It’s definitely lucrative, I’m definitely glad I’ve done it,” but added that it’s “very hard” and “dirty work in the heat.”

He finished by revealing he had made a whopping £23,000 in the four months he had been a fly-in-fly-out worker.

Cal is not the only fly-in-fly-out worker to take to TikTok to share his experience in the industry.

Recently we told of another man who earns £80,000 a year doing a very unpopular job.

A truck driver in a remote part of the world has revealed his huge salary but says there are drawbacks to lining his pockets.

TikTok/@calmcilwaineCal McIIwaine works in the mining industry in Australia[/caption]

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