A dodgy carbonara led me to a £600,000 lottery win – I felt better right away after checking my numbers

A dodgy carbonara led me to a £600,000 lottery win – I felt better right away after checking my numbers

A MAN found out he had won a £600,000 lottery prize after a dodgy carbonara kept him up all night.

The lucky winner from New South Wales in Australia “felt better immediately” after checking his numbers.

GettyA man had won a £600,00 lottery prize in Australia[/caption]

GettyHe realised he’s the winner thanks to a dodgy carbonara that kept him up at night[/caption]

The man lay awake at night in his house after consuming a “dodgy” pasta and falling ill.

He soon had given up on sleep and decided to use the time to check his entry for Saturday’s Lotto draw instead.

His sickness vanished as if by magic when he realised he held a winning division one entry.

He said: “Saturday night wasn’t a fun one for anyone in my home.

“A dodgy carbonara had me feeling very unwell and unable to sleep all night, so just after midnight I gave up on sleep and decided to check my entry.

“Well, I felt better immediately.”

To the man’s surprise, he had secured a whopping £600,000 with his winning ticket.

“The adrenaline started pumping and sleep was forgotten after that. I woke up my partner and we both just sat in shock for a little while,” the victor said.

The lottery winner couldn’t believe his luck and already made plans for how he would spend his fortune.

“I’ve never bought a house so that’s my first priority,” he said.

“Following that, I’ll just set us up for the future and enjoy this moment.

“It’s surreal.”

The man was one of four winner last week, with three in New South Wales.

Another man from New South Wales didn’t realise he had hit the jackpot until a story about the unclaimed prize aired on TV four years later.

The pensioner then has spent 25 painful years trying to prove that he once won a £2 million lottery prize after losing the golden ticket.

One lottery winner almost missed the fact he was £17 million richer as he hit Boxing Day jackpot.

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