At least one dead & 19 hurt in ‘THREE separate car ramming and stabbing attacks’ near Tel Aviv

At least one dead & 19 hurt in ‘THREE separate car ramming and stabbing attacks’ near Tel Aviv

AT least one person has died and 19 people have been wounded after three suspected terror attacks in Israeli’s capital of Tel Aviv.

Police are responding to the car-ramming and stabbing attacks which took place in Rannana, near Tel Aviv, in different locations.

A mangled car at the scene of one of the attacks on Monday

Police at the scene of the attack

Police believe the suspect used a stolen car to ram into civilians in the attack

Emergency responders said that 19 were wounded and one critically hurt after what the the police called a “serious” and “unusual incident”.

The victims include a woman in her 70s who has died.

A 34-year-old man and 16-year-old are both in “serious condition with head and limb injuries” and have been taken to hospital.

The others are reportedly moderately hurt or lightly wounded, The Times of Israel reports.

Cops have said the suspect, a man who stole three cars during the attacks, has been arrested.

Another man reported to be a relative of the primary suspect has also been arrested.

An eyewitness told Israeli radio station Galei Zahal that “it all happened in a second.

“We heard the noise of a crash, like a car bumping into another car.

“We saw the driver go to stab a woman and she ran away, and [the driver] went and stabbed a 60-year-old man while there were a bunch of screams in the background, until he fell on the ground.”

Police spokesperson Eli Levy told Galei Zahal: “We still cannot declare with certainty that this was a terrorist attack.”

A previous statement described it as a “suspected terrorist ramming attack”.

He also said that it remained unclear how many people had been involved in the incident, and suggested that suspects may still be at large.

A statement from Israeli police read: “Following a serious incident unfolding in Raanana, police forces are on-site, and the circumstances are being investigated.

“The public is urged to remain vigilant and follow the instructions of the police.”

The suspect allegedly ran over the victims with one of the stolen cars, and changed vehicles three times during the horrific ambush.

Both the suspect and his relative are reportedly from Hebron, a Palestinian city in the West Bank.

Cops are searching the area for further potential threats.

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