I earn £200 an HOUR doing a job no one wants – I didn’t even finish school, let alone get a degree

I earn £200 an HOUR doing a job no one wants – I didn’t even finish school, let alone get a degree

A WORKER has shared how he is able to rake in £200 an hour doing a job no one wants to do.

Mekai Nason sent social media users into a frenzy after he revealed the “crazy” money he earns without having a degree.

TikTok/@mekainasonA TikTok user has shared how he makes £200 an hour by cleaning gutters[/caption]

TikTok/@mekainasonMekai Nason revealed that he can charge whatever he wants as his own boss[/caption]

TikTok/@mekainasonOn a daily basis he can earn up to £1200[/caption]

The savvy labourer has explained to viewers that money can be made without a formal education – and all they need is a business mindset.

In one video he shares a time-lapse of himself cleaning a gutter, alongside the caption “£200 in one hour gutter cleaning #satisfying #smallbusiness”.

He went on to explain to his viewers that he owns a small company that carries out roofing works.

“I own the company. I built my website that brings in a lot of leads,” Mekai said.

He also said he tends to work eight hour days – and can easily make between £1,000 to £1,200 a day, without having a degree, and even after having dropped out of high school.

His gutter cleaning footage has since racked up almost 13million views on TikTok, and several hundred comments asking for his advice.

One user wrote: “If I was to just start off by tryna clean neighborhood gutters, what would be a nice low price that would catch their eye, but still make profit?”

To which Mekai suggested: “$1 per foot for easy ones and if you need to clean them from a ladder or if they are really full of crap charge $2 a foot. That’s lower than average”

Another asked: “Curious about your payment terms/ contract process?”

Mekai explained: “I have the credit card on file and 25% up front. The rest comes off the card on completion.”

Countless others simply asserted that his job was an ingenious way to make money and that he was earning more than most professionals – like surgeons – in the US.

A number of other high-paying jobs are available in different sectors throughout the world, including as a fly-in-fly-out carpenter in the mines in Australia.

Brit Jared Deacon seized such an opportunity and is now earning a whopping £52,000 after tax despite working just half the year.

Meanwhile, a UK resident who works an odd job has shared her experience as a female bin collector.

Julie said: “I’m a loader, I work for Newport Council, I go see loads of people when I put their bins back.

“They said ‘oh it’s not very often you see a woman on the bins’ but there’s a first time for everything, a woman can do a man’s job, it’s not just a man’s job.

An even weirder job was offered by a university in California, who put out a call for someone to earn money by eating avocados.

Not known, clear with picture deskHe has been able to rake in his money even without a formal education[/caption]

TikTok/@mekainasonMekai uses his social media presence to educate others as to how they can do the same[/caption]

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