‘Soon-to-be-freed’ incest beast Josef Fritzl’s only prison pal is a CANNIBAL who made goulash from prostitute’s remains

‘Soon-to-be-freed’ incest beast Josef Fritzl’s only prison pal is a CANNIBAL who made goulash from prostitute’s remains

JOSEF Fritzl’s prison buddy is a cannibal killer who made goulash from a prostitute’s remains after dismembering her, his lawyer has said.

The vile incest monster, 88, could be one step closer to freedom as courts prepare to decide on where to house him for his final years.

EnterpriseAustrian incest monster Josef Fritzl was sentenced to life in prison in 2009[/caption]

CENAlfred U. (pictured) is a cannibal murderer who was jailed for life for dismembering a Hungarian prostitute and making goulash from her body parts[/caption]

AFPFritzl could be one step closer to freedom as he will be eligible for parole this year[/caption]

Fritzl was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 after locking his daughter, Elisabeth, in the basement of his home in Amstetten, Austria, for 24 years and fathering several children with her.

Under the terms of his sentence, Fritzl will be eligible for parole this year.

His lawyer, Astrid Wagner, told Bild that he isolates himself from everyone except for her and his only pal Alfred U. – a cannibal killer sentenced to life in prison for dismembering a Hungarian prostitute and creating goulash from her body parts.

“He barricades himself in his solitary cell, watches a lot of TV, grows tomatoes, writes about his life as an electrical engineer,” she said.

“He sunbathes through the bars, does gymnastics, cares a lot about his figure and wants to live to be 10.”

Also represented by Astrid Wagner, Alfred U. was sentenced to life in 2019 after already spending half of his life behind bars for other offences – often sadistic and sexual in nature.

Wagner stated in 2019 that she and her client planned to appeal the sentence since the twisted murder was not premeditated.

“Without the disgusting story of the dismembering and goulash, it would have been a common case,” she suggested at the time. 

His sentencing came 13 months after the headless torso of his 28-year-old victim was found at the bottom of the Neusiedler See lake on the Hungarian border. 

But despite committing one of the worst crimes in history, a new report from forensic psychiatrist Heidi Kastner states Fritzl is now harmless.

She claims that he is physically frail and only moves around with a walker after a number of falls while behind bars, Blick report.

Kastner added that Fritzl – who changed his name behind bars to Mayrhoff after his teeth were kicked out by other inmates at Garsten Abbey – also suffers from dementia and cognitive confusion.

Speaking to Bild, his lawyer went on to say: “Fritzl is completely harmless today. I wouldn’t be afraid to move into a shared apartment with him or live in a home with him. He has no sex drive anymore.”

Fritzl also “thinks he’s a popstar and speaks to the TV”.

As a result from his mental condition, the 88-year-old claims to have appeared in a show as a pop star, speaks of visits from relatives that never happened, or “that he just had an important business meeting outside”, Kastner said.

The forensic psychiatrist added that Fritzl is sometimes “fully there” and claims to have been part of a discussion programme on television.

Due to his deteriorating condition, a court must now decide where to move the perverted pensioner.

According to Kleine Zeitung, expert Kastner says that Fritzl’s age-related illness “overshadows his abnormality”.

They say he could not pose a serious threat to either his old or new victims.

Fritzl is currently in an institution for mentally abnormal violators but it’s possible that he will be permanently housed in a prison infirmary.

A transfer to a normal prison would be problematic due to his physical frailty, with Kastner suggesting that he’s moved to a nursing home.

In a shocking interview from behind bars, the twisted Austrian beast told the Sun he wants to live to be 130.

In a rambling statement issued through his lawyer, Astrid Wagner, Fritzl made sick boasts that he would one day see his family again.

The monster also detailed the punishing fitness regime he endures every day to keep him fit for release – and the unlikely reconciliation with the family he kept underground for 24 years.

NewsflashFritzl within the confines of the institution[/caption]

Enterprise News and PicturesFritz’s daughter Elisabeth, pictured, was held captive in the basement of her own home for 24 years as her dad abused her[/caption]

PA:Press AssociationAn aerial view of the house in Austria where the horrid crimes took place[/caption]

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