I do a hands-on job in glorious sunshine that NO ONE wants for £6k a month – I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck

I do a hands-on job in glorious sunshine that NO ONE wants for £6k a month – I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck

A SAVVY woman has shared how her hands-on job earns her £6,000 a month but the work isn’t for everyone.

Anita Memeti has made waves online when she posted a TikTok about what it’s really like working a FIFO job.

Anita Memeti has shared online how she makes £6,000 a month at her FIFO jobtiktok@aries.babyxx

tiktok@aries.babyxxThe worker shared candidly what the job entails in her TikTok[/caption]

Her video of a day in a life of a housekeeper gained over a million viewstiktok@aries.babyxx

The job isn’t for everyone as some task can get pretty disgustingtiktok@aries.babyxx

The Tiktok star, with more than 12,000 followers, has revealed what her day to day work life looks like.

The video titled “the life of a housekeeper” accumulated over one million views.

Anita works on a fly-in-fly-out basis on the camp site of the Australian mine.

Many viewers were curious about what the job entails when they found out about the perks of the occupation.

The young woman revealed that she makes £6,000 a month and only has to work two thirds of the year.

The worker also admitted that even though she gets paid an eye-watering amount fortnightly, the tax eats a lot of it away.

But it still leaves her with a considerably good number as her job allows her to save money.

FIFO jobs have become increasingly popular as they provide free accommodation, food and flights.

Anita said there is nothing to spend money on at the site unless you smoke or drink alcohol.

And when she gets her long-awaited week off, the TikToker is able to do whatever she wants with all the free time and cash.

“Just enjoy life, that’s the best thing about it,” she said about the perks.

Although the FIFO jobs give an opportunity to save money and plenty of holidays to travel the world, the work itself can get tough at times.

“We’re not going to sugarcoat the job. It does get hard,” Anita said.

As a housekeeper, she often deals with disgusting tasks and a foul smell.

Despite the glorious sun in the Western part of Australia, the heat can also get pretty intense.

Anita often finds herself working in scorching temperatures that reach 45 to 50 degrees.

She added that her water bottle with cold water turns hot the minute she steps outside.

“You’re going to tan like crazy.

“It’s hot, you’re sweaty, there are a lot of flies,” Anita said.

The worker also admitted that the long 12-hour shifts and continuous weeks away from family take its toll on her.

She said: “The first week you’re energised because you’re rested.

“The second week is going to be a little bit more draining because you are coming at the end of your swing.”

Anita gave advice to those who wish to join the FIFO work, saying they should be prepared to miss important events with the family.

“You are going to miss birthdays, new years, Christmas depending on the rota,” she added.

But the TikToker still enjoys her job as she said it is easy to get used to.

Another FIFO worker moved 9,000 miles away from her home and ditched her previous job in healthcare to cash in £6,000 a month in mines.

And an Aussie has revealed how he is making more than £80,000 a year doing a job no one wants – and enjoying some lavish perks.

Simiarly, a brave worker makes £72,000 doing a very dangerous job that most people would avoid.

Anita said the job gets hard and she won’t ‘sugarcoat’ ittiktok@aries.babyxx

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