Iran fires barrage of missiles at Israel’s ‘Spy HQ’ in Iraq near US consulate as they vow ‘revenge’ over Houthi strikes

Iran fires barrage of missiles at Israel’s ‘Spy HQ’ in Iraq near US consulate as they vow ‘revenge’ over Houthi strikes

IRAN’S Revolutionary Guards bombarded Israel’s so-called “spy headquarters” in Iraq with ballistic missiles aimed near the US consulate.

The warped terrorist army claimed responsibility for the ambush which killed four people and injured six others as they vowed revenge over recent strikes against the Houthis.

Emergency services dig through rubble after ballistic missiles were aimed near the US consulate in Iraq

The moment one of the ballistic missiles landed, causing a huge explosion

Smoke rises after the missile attack by Iran’s Revolutionary GuardsReuters

A destroyed building after Monday’s strike

GettyPolice and soldiers swarm the area after multiple explosions[/caption]

Rising tensions in the Middle East have sparked fears of an all-out war

They said in a statement on Monday that missiles were “used to destroy espionage centres and gatherings of anti-Iranian terrorist groups” amid rising tensions in the Middle East.

The war between Israel and Hamas following from the October 7 massacre has seen Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon dragged into fighting.

And Iran’s terror proxies including Hezbollah and the Houthis have gone up against Israel, the US and UK as fears of an all-out war in the region grow.

Iran’s rockets fired on Monday targeted an upscale area near the American consulate and an airport in Erbil, the Kurdish region of Iraq.

The IRGC claimed to have hit the HQ of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

They also claimed to have blasted “terrorist operations” in Syria, destroying them.

The US slammed Iran’s ambush and an official told AP they were “reckless and imprecise”.

But the official added that no American facilities or civilians were hit in the attack.

The IRGC vowed to continue its attacks which it claimed were a response to the “recent evil acts of the Zionist regime in martyring IRGC and resistance commanders”.

They said in a chilling warning: “We assure our nation that the Guards’ offensive operations will continue until avenging the last drops of martyrs’ blood.”

It comes after high profile Iranian general Razi Mousavi was recently killed in Syria and two Hamas and Hezbollah commanders were also taken out – both with close links to Tehran.

And the US and the UK struck Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen last week in an attempt to weaken the terror proxy’s strongholds.

Houthi rebels then targeted an American warship in the Red Sea on Sunday in response – failing to hit the ship with an anti-cruise missile.

Israeli strikes have hit Lebanon as well, killing over 130 Hezbollah fighters including some key commanders.

And almost 20 further Hezbollah militants have been killed by strikes in Syria.

Two members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed during an Israeli strike in Syria just weeks ago.

And after a senior Iranian general was eliminated by an IDF hit, Tehran vowed to seek revenge, swearing that Israel “will certainly pay for this crime”.

Just days ago a suspected US drone strike killed an Iran-backed militia commander in Iraq, Abu Taqwa Al-Saedi, who had masterminded recent attacks on American troops stationed in the region.

The drone reportedly fired two rockets at a building in Bagdad, Iraq’s capital and Iraqi officials slammed the attack – vowing retaliation.

But the US strike came after Iranian-backed militias working in the area decided to carry out more than 100 attacks on bases housing US troops in both Iraq and Syria.

The United States has 900 troops deployed in Syria and 2,500 in Iraq to prevent a resurgence of Islamic State militants.

Iran also vowed revenge after a double bomb attack that left over 100 civilians dead during a memorial parade for infamous Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

In December British fighter jets were said to be looking at the transfer of suspected rockets and missiles from Iraq and Syria into the hands of Iran’s various proxy forces to be used against Israel.

Smoke rises over Iraq’s skyline after the strikesReuters

GettySecurity officials lined the roads under heavy smoke after the blasts[/caption]

GettyEmergency services search through the rubble[/caption]

TwitterA drone fired two rockets at a building used by a militia group in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, days ago[/caption]

GettyIranian protesters burn an Israeli flag at a recent anti-Israel rally[/caption]

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