Secret diary of mafia boss Messina ‘The Last Godfather’ Denaro is revealed…& details how he stalked his own daughter 

Secret diary of mafia boss Messina ‘The Last Godfather’ Denaro is revealed…& details how he stalked his own daughter 

A SECRET diary kept by late Sicilian mafia don Matteo Messina Denaro has revealed how he stalked his estranged daughter – even as cops were hot on his heels.

The unearthed entries penned by the “boss of bosses”- responsible for heinous crimes that shocked Italy and the world – described how the kingpin could “die serenely” after catching a glimpse of Lorenza in 2016.

SplashMafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro has detailed how he stalked daughter Lorenza[/caption]

AFPMessina Denaro’s mug shot after 30 years on the run[/caption]

The mafia’s “last godfather”, who fronted up the notorious Sicilian Cosa Nostra group, once boasted to have murdered “enough people to fill a cemetery.”

He was convicted of the 1992 murders of two anti-mafia prosecutors, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, but was only nabbed by cops last January.

The “boss of bosses” even joined the ranks of El Chapo and the successor to Osama Bin Laden in the list of the world’s 10 most wanted fugitives.

And his murderous clan had previously inspired the epic 1969 crime novel and blockbuster 1972 film, The Godfather.

But the career criminal revealed a more amiable side in his personal diary, where he expressed torment over missing his daughter who he fathered following a secret liaison with a Sicilian woman, Franca Alagna.

“As a father I was mistreated by destiny — fate has sacrificed me for other purposes,” he wrote in a 2014 entry addressed to his daughter, adding: “Your absence from me cancels me out.”

In 2016, after lurking in his native Sicilian town, Castelvetrano, Denaro caught a glimpse of Lorenza as she drove past in a car with her mother.

Risking capture, the mafia boss followed them and watched as his then 19-year-old daughter get out and speak to a friend.

“Instinctively I got out of the car to come and walk past you,” he wrote.

“I wanted to smell your smell. I was a metre from you, if I had put out my arm I would have touched you.

“Blood did not call out for you.

“I was next to you for a moment.

“I didn’t want to die without knowing you, now I can die serenely.”

Lorenza lived with Denaro’s mother until Alagna moved her out at 16 to keep her away from the mafia, angering the Denaro family.

In another entry, the ruthless killer slammed his estranged daughter for her disloyalty after Lorenza, 27, said she hated her family’s connection with the mafia.

Writing in 2014, he said: “You have genes from your mother, you are a traitor and disloyal like her.”

Giovanni Bianconi, the mafia author who obtained and published the diary extracts in Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Monday, said: “This diary shows how Messina Denaro had a huge ego. What we don’t know is if he ever sent these diary entries to Lorenza.”

Denaro finally met his demise in September, at the age of 61.

The ailing crime figure died of cancer in a hospital in the Central Italian city of L’Aquila.

The mayor of L’Aquila, Pierluigi Biondi, said the Sicilian don’s death “puts the end to a story of violence and blood”.

It was “the epilogue of an existence lived without remorse or repentance, a painful chapter of the recent history of our nation”, he added.

APDenaro being escorted from a Carabinieri police station shortly after his arrest[/caption]

SplashThe ruthless killer was respon­sible for some of the most heinous crimes perpetrated by the Cosa Nostra[/caption]

EPADenaro was arrested in Palermo, Sicily, by the Carabinieri police’s ROS unit in January 2023[/caption]

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