Hamas brutes tried to SELL my teen soldier son’s decapitated head before it was found in a freezer by Israeli troops

Hamas brutes tried to SELL my teen soldier son’s decapitated head before it was found in a freezer by Israeli troops

THE heartbroken father of a teenager decapitated by Hamas brutes has said the evil terrorists tried to sell his son’s head for £8,000.

Sergeant Adir Tahar, 19, was killed and beheaded in the horror October 7 attacks, before his killers – dubbed “barbarians” by Adir’s father – dumped the head in a freezer.

David Tahar has revealed Hamas thugs tried to sell his son’s decapitated head for £8,000Channel 14

TwitterIsraeli soldier Adir Tahar was killed in the October 7 attacks and beheaded by Hamas brutes[/caption]

Israeli troops found Adir’s frozen head two months after he was brutally murdered by Hamas thugs when they bombarded him with grenades on their chilling rampage through southern Israel.

The vicious gunmen removed his head and took it back to Gaza as a sick trophy, according to his devastated father David Tahar.

David spoke to Channel 14 about the tragic story of his brave son’s death as he blasted Hamas’ treatment of his body as “insanely barbaric”.

The father said: “It’s insanely barbaric. The terrorists, the barbarians, they beheaded him and took the head to Gaza.”

After a gruelling two and a half months searching through dead bodies, IDF soldiers finally found Adir’s head stuffed inside a duffel bag filled with tennis balls, according to David.

The terrorists had left it in a freezer in Gaza.

After a strict interrogation with two cowardly Hamas militants, the IDF were told that one of them had tried to sell Adir’s head for $10,000 (£8,000).

David said he knew Adir had died after he saw a video of his child seemingly moments after he had been decapitated.

The father was forced to bury his son’s mutilated body without his head after it couldn’t be found for months.

David remembers his hands shaking as he lifted the lid on the coffin, revealing his worst nightmares come to life.

Adir’s decapitated body was inside but had barely survived the shellings and flying shrapnel from the explosions.

His skin was covered in deep puncture wounds and the horrific mutilation was so bad he couldn’t be identified at first.

Israel needed to use his dog tags and a DNA test to determine whose body it was because the wounds were so severe.

David said: “Half an hour before I buried my child, his body arrived at Mount Herzi. I opened the coffin when I was alone.

“I understood then what I was burying. He was unrecognisable.

“When I buried Adir I knew I was burying my child without an essential part of him.” Then the journey began to search for that missing part.”

After his head was finally found, David buried his son for a second time three weeks later.

Adir was amongst thousands slaughtered by Hamas brutes during the bloody war that has now gone on for over 100 days.

Many of those killed were found decapitated according to Israeli troops.

Hamas and other Gaza militants captured some 250 people and slaughtered 1,200 others during its first deadly attack on southern Israel in October.

More than 100 hostages were released during a temporary truce in November, but over 130 remain held in Gaza.

The IDF released a huge amount of data on the war on Sunday, detailing its operations so far in the Gaza Strip.

It said over 9,000 Hamas terrorists had been killed since October 7, along with around 1,000 terrorists inside Israel.

Meanwhile the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza has said that over 23,000 Palestinian civilians have died during the war.

Israel disputes these figures, while US President Joe Biden previously said he had “no confidence” in them.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted that Israel has “not been successful” in reducing civilian casualties.

Israel has faced repeated international calls to relent in it’s attacks on Gaza as it tries to obliterate Hamas.

Calls from the UN for a ceasefire have been echoed by religious leaders including the Pope and even it’s staunchest ally, the US, has warned caution.

But Israeli forces said that months of fighting lie ahead as they attempt to track down and eliminate the terrorists behind the October massacre.

The father had to bury his son twice as the head was only recovered two months after his first burialChannel 14

Adir’s head was found in a freezer in Gaza by IDF troopsTwitter

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