I can earn £400 in just 30MINS doing a vital job that no one seems to want to do – I just need to think on my feet 

I can earn £400 in just 30MINS doing a vital job that no one seems to want to do – I just need to think on my feet 

A CLEVER worker has revealed he earns £400 in just 30minutes doing a very simple yet vital job almost no one wants to do.

Deion Davies spends his days cleaning out dirty gutters and says it’s an easy job to do as long as you can think on your feet.

tiktok/@entrepreneurdavisDeion Davies cleans gutters and earns £400 in just 30minutes[/caption]

tiktok/@entrepreneurdavisDeion on the roof cleaning the gutters[/caption]

tiktok/@entrepreneurdavisHe even figured out an even easier hack to use a leaf blower to clean the gutters[/caption]

Deion shows off his genius hacks to make money on social media where he regularly posts on TikTok.

In his latest video he told his loyal followers all about his “get rich quick” scheme as a gutter cleaner.

The extremely simple job is crucial for almost all homeowners who have a build up of rubbish, leaves and other junk blocking off their pipes.

And those who don’t fancy getting their hands dirty often turn to a professional clean gutter expert like Deion.

In just a few simple steps, the Florida native makes himself a whopping £400 for less than half an hour of work – meaning he can rake in the money almost all day long.

The self-proclaimed entrepreneur has even figured out a way to make the job even easier instead of using his hands or a litter picker to clean up the mess.

Deion grabs his trusty leaf blower instead and simply blows them off the roof in a move that he claims “made the process 10 times faster”.

Then once the mess is out of the gutters Deion has the simple job of popping everything into big black sacks to be reused elsewhere or binned.

He does note that his clever hack only works when it hasn’t rained recently as if not wet, sludgy leaves provide a much slower and harder day of work.

The TikTok clip ends with Deion telling his fans: “This is big money guys. So get out there and get working.”

People took to the comments to praise the clever technique and were shocked by how much money a gutter cleaner can make.

One person said: “Great work! Keep it up!”

As another excitedly put: “How do I get started.”

The price a person can expect to be paid from cleaning a gutter varies due to a range of factors.

In the UK, an average of £5-per-metre of gutter is reportedly what many cleaning services expect to earn but this price can drastically change.

The main difference maker is the size of the property that needs to be cleaned up.

A house with a high roof will cost a lot more than a shorter gutter due to the troubles it takes to reach such high heights and the extra care and equipment needed.

A property with a longer gutter across the roof will also demand a higher price as it’ll take more time and a greater effort to get into tip top condition.

The second biggest factor is the state of the gutters.

Gutters in a horror condition are going to take longer to clean and often require specialist equipment to unclog and break up all the junk that’s been left behind overtime.

Elsewhere a brave worker has revealed he earns £72,000 doing a very dangerous job.

Underwater welder Carson Lovrien says despite the tricky career path it has its perks as you don’t need any experience or qualifications to get started and you get to explore the world.

As a savvy woman shared how her hands-on job pockets her £6,000-a-month doing an unwanted career.

Anita Memeti made waves online when she posted a TikTok about what it’s really like working a FIFO job.

And when she gets her long-awaited week off, the TikTok star is able to do whatever she wants with all the free time and cash.

tiktok/@entrepreneurdavisThe Tiktoker’s clever hack did leave him having to collect up leaves from the floor afterwards[/caption]

tiktok/@entrepreneurdavisDeion showed his TikTok followers how easy it is to make money fast[/caption]

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