Sick moment gunman shoots partner’s son who was filming row before 2hr cop standoff ends with him turning gun on himself

Sick moment gunman shoots partner’s son who was filming row before 2hr cop standoff ends with him turning gun on himself

HARROWING footage shows the moment a man shoots his partner’s son from point-blank range before later turning the gun on himself.

Jeffrey West screams “I’m getting ready to blow his goddamn brains out!” during the blazing row filmed by 24-year-old Kyle.

Twitter / X / @billyraglandJeffrey West shoots his partner Melanie’s son, Kyle, from point-black range[/caption]

Twitter / X / @billyraglandMelanie scrambles to stop West from shooting her son while he sits on his bed[/caption]

Twitter / X / @billyraglandKyle’s blood drips onto his feet after West shoots him[/caption]

Hours later the 68-year-old gunman shot himself and died following a lengthy police standoff.

Kyle Spitze, 24, is sitting on his bed filming his bedroom door as his mum Melanie’s angry boyfriend holds a pistol aimed directly at him.

West, from Tennessee, screams: “I’m tired of his sh*t!… I’m getting ready to blow his goddamn brains out! Right f–kin’ now.”

Kyle hits back at the gunman: “Blow my brains out? Shoot me, and I guarantee you’ll go to jail for life”.

The sickening video then shows Kyle’s mum, 60, come around the corner, shorts around her ankles while desperately trying to diffuse the argument.

Melanie drags her partner West, 68, away begging him to stop and closes her son’s bedroom door, but the argument continues.

West screams “I’m getting ready to blow his brains out, and yours!” to Kyle’s mum, forcing him back out into the corridor.

Then, with Kyle’s mum between them, West shoots at the 24-year-old multiple times from point-blank range.

His mum gasps in horror and after a few seconds she asks if her partner just “f–king hit him?”

The twisted act left Kyle injured in the ear, but thankfully alive.

His camera turns downwards after the shots ring out, to show a dribble of his blood on the floor over his feet.

Melanie cries out “Oh my god! You’re going to jail”, as her son races out of the house into the backgarden.

Local cops said an emergency call was put in soon afterwards and they rushed to the scene just after 8pm to find Kyle and Melanie outside the house.

West had locked himself inside with the gun, and after more than two-hours of negotiations with SWAT teams, police went inside around 11pm.

They talked to West for hours, trying to make him surrender with no success.

They found West dead from a self-inflicted gun wound after the argument on August 25 last year.

Kyle, who lived in Friendsville, was taken to hospital where he was treated for the head wound which was not life-threatening.

The exact relationship between Kyle and his mum’s partner is unclear.

Cops confirmed West died by suicide, and Kyle’s right ear was hit by the gunshot.

Twitter / X / @billyraglandKyle’s mum Melanie closes the door to her son’s room in a desperate bid to deescalate the argument[/caption]

Facebook/Blount County Sheriff’s OfficeEmergency services outside the Tennessee home[/caption]

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