I won the lottery after SELLING tickets for 30 years…I’d been trying to pay off huge debt & dreamed of scooping jackpot

I won the lottery after SELLING tickets for 30 years…I’d been trying to pay off huge debt & dreamed of scooping jackpot

A LOTTERY vendor has hit the jackpot after selling tickets for 30 years.

Onchan Suriyon, 63, set up her stall 30 years ago and dreamed of scooping the prize herself one day to pay off her debts.

Daily NewsThe 63-year-old street vendor has won a whopping £133,000 prize after selling lotto for 30 years[/caption]

She revealed that she has been defrauded in the past, leaving her in a crippling £66,500 debt – in a country with an average salary of £2,100 a year.

Since then, the woman has had to sell lottery tickets in a scorching sun and wind every day for more than five years.

She has hoped to one day hit the jackpot, which would solve all of her problems.

Two weeks before the long-awaited victory, Suriyon travelled with her husband and daughter 188 miles to a Buddhist temple where she asked for a good fortune.

“I prayed that I would like to win the lottery to pay off the debt within January,” she told the Thaiger.

“After my husband returned to sell the lottery tickets, he had drawn four to five lottery tickets from his stall, of which there were two sets of the numbers 105979 and three sets of 109979, so my husband took one of these for himself to try his luck,” she added.

After selling the rest of the tickets two days before the draw date to tourists in the Naga area, Suriyon returned to her home province.

She had asked her neighbour what the winning number was and when she checked her ticket, the woman was overjoyed as she mistakenly thought she had won the biggest prize.

If the digit on her ticket had been five instead of nine, Suriyon could have secured a £1.3 million prize – ten times the amount she won.

The woman scolded her husband for selling the other tickets which could have landed her the jackpot.

But she still managed to scoop an eye-watering £133,000 in a lucky draw.

The neighbours and relatives flooded her home to express their congratulations.

This comes after a man found out he had won a £600,000 lottery prize after a dodgy carbonara kept him up all night.

The lucky winner from New South Wales in Australia “felt better immediately” after checking his numbers.

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