Incredible moment Ukraine’s US Bradley armoured truck blitzes Putin’s most advanced T-90 tank worth £3.5million

Incredible moment Ukraine’s US Bradley armoured truck blitzes Putin’s most advanced T-90 tank worth £3.5million

THIS is the incredible moment Ukraine’s US Bradley armoured truck blitzes one of Vladimir Putin’s most advanced tanks with ease.

The Russian T-90 tank was worth £3.5million before it was left battered and destroyed by Ukraine’s top military motor.

East2WestThe moment the Bradley took on a Russian tank dubbed the ‘world’s best’ by Putin[/caption]

East2WestThe dramatic moment the T-90 exploded after a barrage of hits by the Bradley[/caption]

East2WestThe two mammoth war motors battled it out in Stepove, Ukraine[/caption]

Heart racing drone footage shows a Bradley taking on a seemingly formidable Russian tank dubbed the “world’s best” by tyrant Putin.

After battling for a few moments the Bradley takes full control and tears into the highly advanced T-90 tank on the battlefield in a show of impressive destruction.

The Bradley’s armour-piercing rounds and precise attacks left the T-90 smoking and ripped apart.

Russia’s tank faced a barrage of constant attacks with each hit sending massive sparks flying into the air.

As moments later top Russian military vehicle was hit by a killer blow that ignited a huge explosion and sent up a chilling blast, lighting up the snowy surroundings.

The T-90 was then sent spinning in an uncontrollable frenzy as it collided with a tree – smashing itself up.

The dramatic footage was released by Ukraine’s 47th Mechanised Brigade and shows the two dominating war vehicles battling it out at close range in Stepove in the Donetsk region.

Bradleys were first sent to Ukraine by the US early last year to help them protect their borders over an aggressively advancing Russia.

By September, there were reportedly over 150 roaming around the frontlines – leaving trails of smoking Russian trucks.

Recently footage of another huge US Bradley taking on the Russians was seen and it had similar success.

A whopping three Russian BMP-2s were eliminated in devastating fashion as the US military grade armoured vehicle stormed onto the Ukrainian frontlines to save a brave troop of soldiers.

Ukraine‘s 109th Separate Territorial Defence Brigade were trapped behind a crumbling shelter as the menacing BMP’s were set to storm their hideouts.

But in incredible style, the lifesaving Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) came to the rescue and blitzed the Russian killing machines with impressive efficiency.

Bradley’s are seen as exceptionally versatile and are viewed as one of the most impressive motors in Ukraine’s arsenal.

Their near indestructible armour and ability to intercept Russian movements made them a top priority for Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Just this week, a Russian tank was obliterated and turned into a massive fireball that sent its turret flying 100ft into the air.

Dramatic footage, taken during an attack near Bakhmut, shows a Ukrainian kamikaze drone wiping out a T-72 tank.

The lethal FPV zeroes in on a $500k tank that had been firing at Ukrainian soldiers, meeting it with an impressive speed and slamming straight into it.

Recently, one of Putin’s multi-million dollar T-80BVM tank was also annihilated by a cheap Ukrainian UAV in Avdiivka in further humiliation for the Russian ruler.

Dramatic footage shows the drone tailing the tank before hitting it dead on, tearing it apart in a fiery mess.

The successful hit came just after two of Vladimir Putin’s most crucial planes worth £290million were shot down on Sunday.

One of Putin’s £260million spy planes disappeared, while a £30million bomber jet was set on fire after Ukrainian forces blasted them out the sky above the Azov Sea.

Since the start of the war, Kyiv estimates that Moscow has lost over 6,000 tanks and 11,254 armoured combat vehicles.

Putin is also believed to have lost at least 340,000 troops, thousands of rocket systems, aircraft, ships, submarines and drones.

According to Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, this is Putin’s second greatest mistake.

He said: “If his first catastrophic mistake was invading Ukraine, he is now making his second calamitous blunder.

“The Russian economy is being twisted even more out of shape.

“Nearly 40 per cent of all Russian public expenditure is being spent on defence.

“That is more than the aggregate of health and education.

“And the last time we saw these levels was at the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

He added: “This is disastrous for Russia and its people.”

East2WestThe Russian tank was lit up in sparks when it faced the Bradley’s barrage of attacks[/caption]

Ukraine have over 150 Bradleys on the frontline, according to reports

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