US hits Houthi strongholds in FOURTH round of strikes in just 1 week after rebels attack string of ships

US hits Houthi strongholds in FOURTH round of strikes in just 1 week after rebels attack string of ships

AMERICA has launched a fourth round of strikes against the Houthis in just under a week as the rebel group continues its string of ship attacks in the Red Sea.

The Iran-backed group has been causing chaos at sea as tensions explode in the Red Sea and the Israel and Gaza conflict rages on.

EPAAmerica launched another attack against Yemen’s Houthi rebels (pictured)[/caption]

The strikes targeted several sites that were prepared to launch attacks, a US official confirmed to CBS News on Wednesday.

It comes after the Houthis attacked an American cargo ship sailing under a Marshall Islands flag off the Yemen coast.

The group have also vowed that “more attacks are coming”.

The Yemeni Armed Forces confirmed on Wednesday that a response to the American and British attacks is inevitably coming, and that any new attack will not remain without response and punishment.

An official statement read: “The naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a targeting operation against the American ship (Ginko Picardie) in the Gulf of Aden with a number of suitable naval missiles, and the hit was accurate and direct, thanks to God.

“The Yemeni armed forces will not hesitate to target all sources of threat in the Arab and Red Bahrain within the legitimate right to defend dear Yemen and to continue supporting the oppressed Palestinian people.”

The Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier was hit by an unmanned aerial vehicle southeast of Aden as it was heading east along the Gulf of Aden, according to maritime security firm Ambrey.

Just yesterday, the US military pounded the Iran-backed rebels with another airstrike on a stash of anti-ship ballistic missiles in Yemen.

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the strike targeted four anti-ship missiles in a Houthi-controlled part of the country.

Since the UK and the US smashed dozens of military targets last week in Yemen, the furious rebel group has vowed “unimaginable” revenge.

And earlier on Tuesday, a missile fired from Yemen hit a Greek-owned cargo ship in the Red Sea.

The incident took place 100 nautical miles north west of Saleef, the UKMTO said.

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