Vlad’s warmonger foreign minister Lavrov predicts terrifying rise of ‘New World Order’ eclipsing West in WW3 speech

Vlad’s warmonger foreign minister Lavrov predicts terrifying rise of ‘New World Order’ eclipsing West in WW3 speech

RUSSIA’S foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has chillingly warned of a ‘New World Order’ emerging as he told the West that their time of “global domination” is over.

In a major press conference, the Kremlin crony blamed the West for launching a “war” against Russia and claimed Moscow and its allies have now “surpassed” Nato on the world stage.

ReutersRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that the West’s ruling over global politics was over[/caption]

GettyPutin’s warmonger claimed the West had launched a ‘war’ on Russia and its goals in Ukraine remain the same[/caption]

The world appears to be moving ever-closer to WW3 as flashpoints across the globe threaten to explode

Today in Moscow, warmongering Lavrov spoke of the disintegration of Russia’s relations with the West, the “mounting nuclear risks” and the “hostile” context the world is currently in.

He said the US and its allies “ruled the world for 500 years” and did not have “any competition” other than during the Soviet period.

But Vlad’s lap dog pledged that those days are done.

He heralded a new age of geopolitics, referring to the “emerging and strengthening centres of economic growth, financial power and political influence”.

This growing anti-Western axis, Lavrov said, are now “surpassing the US and other Western countries in their development”.

Although he did not directly state which countries, he celebrated “the best period in history” for China-Russian relations.

Discussing Russia’s bloody war in Ukraine, the glum-faced politician once again parroted the Kremlin line that the US and its allies provoked Russia’s so-called “special military operation”.

In a predictable move, he accused the West of “weaponizing the Kyiv regime” and “directly” threatening Moscow which Lavrov said was symptomatic of its attempts to destroy Russia.

“The US has unleashed a total hybrid war – a diplomatic, political, economic strangling of Russia,” said.

Lavrov said the US-Russian relations had experienced “profound degradation” and that the resumption of relations would be “impossible” at the moment.

Without addressing Russia’s escalating threats of a nuclear war, Lavrov said that there is no point in nuclear disarmament talks because the West is “not interested”.

In response to a question about the newly signed UK-Ukrainian security pact, he slammed it as a “half-baked product” produced by a “band of comedians”.

He blasted Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as a slave to his “Western masters” and said he was not “against” such an agreement because it changed none of their “goals” in Ukraine.

Last week, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak signed the “historic” security guarantee with Zelensky that the UK will provide “swift and sustained” support to Ukraine if Russia attempts another invasion.

The “unshakeable hundred-year partnership” will also help with the transfer of weapons, intelligence, and cyber know-how for Ukraine, as well as sanctions and other punitive actions against Russia.

The Putin puppet was then asked about the recent joint US and UK strikes on Houthi rebel strongholds in Yemen.

He furiously stated that Britain and America “have overstepped and basically trampled into the ground all the norms of international law”.

Lavrov added that US justifications for strikes have been “pathetic” and that no one has the authority to bomb Yemen.

He told the two allies that they should immediately halt its strikes against Houthi rebel bases to end the standoff over the Iran-backed militia group’s Red Sea.

“The most important thing now is to stop the aggression against Yemen, because the more the Americans and the British bomb, the less willing the Huthis are to talk,” Lavrov said.

“This is the classic strategy of our Anglo-Saxons colleagues,” he said referring to the UK and US, “they always want to cause trouble”.

He also warned that Russia seeks to take an “active part” in the Middle East crisis, without stating what that role could be.

Lavrov’s thinly-veiled threats came amid growing fears that the world is facing its most dangerous and volatile moments in history.

While the war continues in Ukraine, the Middle East has become a powder keg unsettled by Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, Iran-backed Houthi rebel attacks in the Red Sea, and now border clashes and strikes between Iran and Pakistan.

This week, UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said Britain could be facing wars with RussiaChinaIran and North Korea.” in five years – and Brit troops could be dragged into the mess.

“The era of the peace dividend is over,” he warned in a major speech.

Ahead of Shapp’s statements, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron announced: “It is hard to think of a time when there has been so much danger and insecurity and instability in the world.

“The lights are absolutely flashing red on the global dashboard.”

On Monday, a leaked German military report showed Putin’s ten-step plan to bring the West to the brink of World War Three.

The secret documents described Putin’s possible “path to conflict” which would reach its climax in 2025 on “Day X” when half a million Nato and Russian soldiers face each other.

The bombshell files, obtained by Bild from Germany’s Ministry of Defence, laid out exactly how the Kremlin boss might prepare for a hybrid attack on Nato as early as next winter and a full-blown war next summer.

Ex-British tank commander Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told The Sun that while the chilling war plans are a “worst-case scenario”, they are “absolutely possible”.

He said: “We are in probably the most dangerous and volatile place in the world than we’ve been… I can’t even think of a time in the Cold War.”

ReutersLavrov accused the US and UK of ‘trampling’ on international law with their strikes in Yemen[/caption]

Tensions have been flaring in the Middle East amid Israel’s war with Hamas and Houthi (pictured) attacks in the Red Sea

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