China fires hypersonic missile blitz on US strike force that’s laden with warplanes in chilling WW3 simulation

China fires hypersonic missile blitz on US strike force that’s laden with warplanes in chilling WW3 simulation

CHINA’S most recent war game simulation poses a chilling threat to the West – with futuristic space satellites and missiles destroying US warships in minutes.

A secretive China lab has developed a space-based electronic war tool for Xi Jinping’s army – and the results are terrifying.

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and USS Kidd during military exercisesAFP

China Defence ObservationChinese hypersonic missiles – used to destroy American warships in the simulation[/caption]

Less than 30 of the new space-based satellites – used to help deadly missiles strike warship carriers – are enough for a “global strike”.

The simulation sees an American aircraft carrier strike group making its way through the ocean kitted out with formidable warplanes.

Miles away in China, a barrage of hypersonic anti-ship missiles are launched into the sky.

The rockets climb as high as 124 miles before bee-lining straight to the American ships.

Thanks to the use of futuristic space satellites, the Chinese missiles are able to hurtle towards the ships undetected for ten minutes until they are only 30 miles away.

This is because China’s low-orbiting space satellites are hovering above the carrier and sending high power laser signals to block their detection.

The electromagnetic weapon system generates a high level of noise by pummelling the ships with radar signals from above – meaning the deadly missiles can travel undetected.

Liu Shichang, a Chinese scientist developing war kit in the secretive lab, said “commanding height has always been a pivotal tactic in war since ancient times” and dubbed the space tech a “unique advantage”.

In a chilling threat to Western security – the study showed that only two or three satellites were needed to attack the aircraft carrier – while 28 would be enough for a global strike.

The space-based tech can pass national boundaries and sweep around the globe in a broader attack range.

The research team also said the satellites are relatively easy to engineer due to the tech used to make them.

China is now “forging ahead with related research” into the electronic warfare in outer space – as satellites become part of their new information warfare.

The computer-simulated war games study was published in a Chinese conflict journal.

It comes as fears of a third world war are mounting and military experts fear that Britain will have no choice but to put boots on the ground.

Admiral Rob Bauer – chair of the Nato military committee – warned this week that civilians need to be ready for a conflict that will change their lives.

As the globe faces its “most dangerous and volatile moment” in history, large numbers of private citizens will need to be mobilised.

It’s not the first time China has conducted a simulation of conflict with the West.

In 2022 the country conducted an enormous war games with 50,000 troops, 60 warships and 140 planes – together with Russia.

In light of the exploding global conflicts concerning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s increasing threats to Taiwan – this recent simulation packs a hefty punch.

Beijing’s top-secret hypersonic missile in actionChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

RexChina’s Armed Police conducting a drill in Hezhou, China, on January 2, 2024[/caption]

APChinese troops during war games with Russia in 2022[/caption]

GettyChinese fighter jets partaking in the 2022 games in Russia[/caption]

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