Everyone can spot the teddy bear in the cosy bedroom – but you need high IQ to find the tooth fairy

Everyone can spot the teddy bear in the cosy bedroom – but you need high IQ to find the tooth fairy

THIS mind-boggling brainteaser has even the most professional puzzlers scratching their heads in pursuit of the answer.

Everyone can spot the teddy bear but the challenge is to find the tooth fairy.

Berightside.comTry to find the tooth fairy in this image[/caption]

If you can find her then you might have a really high IQ.

The picture shows a girl tucked up in bed with her teddy bear and sleeping peacefully.

But somewhere in the room is a tooth fairy trying to remain undetected as she carries out her duties.

Have you found the her yet?

Here’s a hint,

She’s somewhere above her wand – so if you find that you might be able to spot her.

And don’t fret if you didn’t manage to find the fairy as this is one of our most tricky puzzles.

This is because the image has many colours which make it more difficult for the eyes to focus on specific details.

Still no luck? Don’t worry we have included the answer below – along with some more tricky brainteasers to try.

Brainteasers are purposefully designed to trick our vision and can be used as simple determiners of intelligence.

They are widely regarded as helping improve our attention spans, concentration, and overall cognitive abilities.

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Below you will find the answer to the fairy puzzle as well as some more challenges to try.

Berightside.comThere she is, did you spot her?[/caption]

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The answer is the second rope

Try to find the lottery ticket that has been mistakenly thrown away

There it is! Did you find the ticket?

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Did you spot it?

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