Moment explosion triggers huge inferno at key Russian oil depot after being ‘blasted in kamikaze drone strike’

Moment explosion triggers huge inferno at key Russian oil depot after being ‘blasted in kamikaze drone strike’

A HUGE explosion rocked a major Russian oil depot in a suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drone attack.

Four oil tanks reportedly burst into flames after the pre-dawn strike in Klintsy, Bryansk region with footage showing thick black smoke billowing into the sky.

East2WestThe oil depot in Klintsy, Bryansk was hit by a drone strike sparking a huge inferno[/caption]

Four oil tanks reportedly burst into flames at the depotEast2West

Footage showed thick black smoke billowing into the skyEast2West

Separately, Ukrainian forces renewed their attack on the Tambov gunpowder plant – the largest in Russia and crucial to Putin’s war machine – with a fresh drone strike.

Russia initially claimed it had downed the incoming Klintsy drone and an attack had been stopped.

But they later admitted that ammunition from the UAV had smashed into the oil depot and sparked a massive blaze.

Dozens of firefighters were called in to extinguish the flames pouring from the depot.

Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz said: “Ukrainian terrorists made an attempt to attack facilities in the town of Klintsy using an unmanned aerial vehicle.

“The fixed-wing drone was jammed by the Russian defence ministry’s electronic warfare systems.

“However, a munition fell on the Klintsy oil depot during the destruction of the aerial target.

“According to preliminary reports, there were no casualties but oil tanks caught fire.”

On Thursday, Ukrainian forces struck the Petersburg Oil Terminal in Putin’s home city of St Petersburg.

Ukrainian forces appear to have switched up their tactics as they wait for delayed arms supplies from the West. 

It comes after a Russian tank was obliterated by a kamikaze drone and turned into a massive fireball that sent its turret flying 100ft into the air.

And incredible footage showed Ukraine’s US Bradley armoured truck blitzing one of Putin’s most advanced tanks.

The Russian T-90 tank was worth £3.5million before it was left battered and destroyed by Ukraine‘s top military motor.

Recent footage showed another huge US Bradley taking on the Russians.

A whopping three Russian BMP-2s were eliminated in devastating fashion as the US military grade armoured vehicle stormed onto the Ukrainian frontlines to save a brave troop of soldiers.

Bradleys were first sent to Ukraine by the US early last year to help them protect their borders over an aggressively advancing Russia.

By September, there were reportedly over 150 roaming around the frontlines – leaving trails of smoking Russian trucks.

Bradley’s are seen as exceptionally versatile and are viewed as one of the most impressive motors in Ukraine’s arsenal.

Their near indestructible armour and ability to intercept Russian movements made them a top priority for Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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