Shocking moment Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 catches FIRE as flames shoot out forcing emergency landing at Miami Airport

Shocking moment Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 catches FIRE as flames shoot out forcing emergency landing at Miami Airport

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a huge plane caught fire mid-flight before it was forced to make an emergency landing.

Enormous flames can be seen shooting out of the Boeing 747-8’s tail just moments after leaving Miami International Airport.

Spurts of fire could be seen coming out of the plane’s tail midair

Red sparks flew through the air behind the aircraft

Flight tracking data shows the emergency landing the pilot was forced to make as he circled around Miami

Shocking clips show the aircraft soaring through the night sky with spurts of fire shooting out of it’s engine.

A flurry of red sparks fall from behind the plane as it tries to descend back to the airport.

As it slows down and gets closer to landing the fiery expulsions seem to ease.

The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after the dangerous Atlas Air malfunction on Thursday evening.

A flight path tracker shows the plane leaving Miami airport and just passing above the ocean before almost immediately making a U turn.

It quickly loops back over the city before landing back at Miami International.

The airline said the cargo aircraft landed safely and that the crew onboard were unharmed.

An Atlas Air spokesperson said today: “We can confirm that Flight 5Y095, a cargo aircraft, has landed safely after experiencing an engine malfunction soon after departure from Miami International Airport (MIA). 

“The crew followed all standard procedures and safely returned to MIA. 

“At Atlas, safety is always our top priority and we will be conducting a thorough inspection to determine the cause.”     

It comes just days after two passenger planes collided at an airport in Japan – the latest in a string of airline disasters.

Footage showed a huge hole ripped out from under the wing of a Cathay Pacific plane where the Korean Air flight had crashed into it and crumpled the end of its own wing.

It’s understood there were 289 passengers on board the Korean Air flight.

And a Japan Airlines flight smashed into a coastguard aircraft – leaving five people dead just weeks ago.

The plane erupted in flames after a collision at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on January 2.

All 367 passengers and 12 crew members on board the Airbus A350 were evacuated – but five crew on the Japan Coast Guard plane died.

The captain – the only survivor on the plane – was named as Captain Genki Miyamoto, 39.

The shocking crash was caught on camera as passengers and airport workers watched on in horror.

A fuselage door was also ripped from an Alaska Airlines flight while the plane was mid-air a few weeks ago, leaving passengers fearing for their lives.

Stunned passengers described seeing a large section of the plane blown out mid-air with dramatic pictures of the aftermath showing a gaping hole in its side.

The sparks calmed down as the plane made its descent

It comes just weeks after the Japan Airlines disaster left five dead

X/TWITTERAnd two planes at another airport in Japan crashed into each other only a few days ago[/caption]

A portion of an Alaska Airlines plane was ripped out forcing an emergency landing

AlamyA Boeing 737-8 (file image)[/caption]

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