I thought a stone hit my head during a NYE party…but an X-ray four DAYS later showed it was a miracle I was still alive

I thought a stone hit my head during a NYE party…but an X-ray four DAYS later showed it was a miracle I was still alive

A MAN was stunned to find a bullet lodged in his head after thinking he was hit by a stone during a New Year’s Eve party.

Mateus Facio, 21, was partying on a beach in Cabo Frio, east of Rio de Janeiro, when he felt an object hit him – but he shrugged it off when his head stopped bleeding.

Mateus Facio, 21, had been partying on a beach in Rio de Janeiro when he was struck by a bulletJam Press

It was only when he returned home four days later that he sought medical attentionJam Press

Both Mateus and medics were left shocked when X-rays showed a 9mm bullet lodged in his headJam Press

For the next four days, Mateus continued partying with friends and enjoying the sea and sunshine without the faintest idea of the severity of his situation.

Recalling the situation, the Brazilian claimed everything seemed “perfectly normal”.

“I thought it was a bad joke,” he said.

“Like someone had picked up and thrown a stone. Because I didn’t hear anything.

“If I’d heard a noise, I might have suspected something.”

“But I didn’t hear anything, everything seemed perfectly normal.” Mateus told local media.

It was only when he returned home to Juiz de Fora, a city in southeastern Brazil, that he sought medical attention.

On the 200 mile journey back from Rio de Janeiro, Mateus’ arms and fingers had stopped moving normally – causing him to repeatedly stop driving.

As a result of the constant disruption, his normal four and a half hour journey took seven hours instead.

Facio ended up going to hospital for tests – four days after he was shot – where he was stunned to learn he had a 9mm bullet lodged in his head.

With medics equally as horrified at the discovery, Mateus underwent a two-hour life-saving operation to remove the projectile from his brain.

Neurosurgeon Flávio Falcometa told local media: “The bullet was compressing the brain in an area close to the region responsible for the movement of the right arm, causing irritation.

“This led to the brain to respond with movements that manifested as convulsive episodes.

“It was in an area very close to what we call the motor area of the brain, which is responsible for movement.

“The bullet could have caused much more serious damage, potentially leaving his arm or half of his body paralysed.”

The removed bullet was sent to the police in Cabo Frio, who are investigating the case.

They say there were no reports of shootings in the area on that day.

Mateus’ mum, Luciana, recalled: “The doctor explained the situation, that Mateus would have to undergo surgery to remove the bullet, and he would run some risks, albeit minor.

“There were concerns about bleeding, leakage of cerebral fluid, meningitis, and even death.

“Thankfully, everything was resolved in a gratifying way.

“The doctors and nurses who saw Mateus could hardly believe it. A person spending four days with a bullet in their head and not feeling anything is inexplicable.

“He was born again.”

Mateus was studying management but had switched courses to medicine in December.

His ordeal made him realise he’d made the right choice.

He said: “Little did I know that all this would happen.

“During my time in hospital, I realised that this was truly what I wanted for my life.

“I’m sure it will help me become a good doctor and strive to save people’s lives.”

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Jam PressThe bullet wound in Mateus’ head[/caption]

The medicinal student required a two-hour life-saving operation to remove the projectile from his brainJam Press

Mateus said the ordeal will help him become a good doctorJam Press

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