There’s a red mug that everyone can spot – but you need 20/20 vision to find the boy’s missing shoe in under 7 seconds

There’s a red mug that everyone can spot – but you need 20/20 vision to find the boy’s missing shoe in under 7 seconds

YOU might just have the perfect 20/20 vision and a high IQ if you spot the boy’s missing shoe in this mind-bending optical illusion.

Only a few people with great observational skills can solve this brainteaser in under seven seconds.

Can you spot the shoe in this messy bedroom scene?

This puzzle, shared by Jagran Josh, shows a messy bedroom scene in which a boy is seen sitting on the bed without a shoe.

The goal is to spot the shoe hidden in the room – and it is not an easy challenge.

The intricacies of the puzzle – especially the mess – make it even more difficult to solve.

But the challenge will surely put your attention skills to the test as you try and spot the hidden item.

And you have just seven seconds to complete it!

So grab a stopwatch, set the timer and see if you have a perfect 20/20 vision.

But did you know solving such challenges can improve your intelligence?

Studies have shown, people who regularly challenge themselves with optical illusions and puzzles see big improvements in their problem-solving skills, concentration and attention.

Psychologists at The University of Glasgow found that staring at an optical illusion can improve eyesight by allowing you to see small details.

And according to ZenBuisness: “These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily.”

So before you start with this one, try and see if you can find the cheeky ghost trying to blend in within this party scene in a super quick time.

If you can then you have the watchful eyes of a clever spirit but beware they are very good at keeping secrets.

You can also try and spot all five differences between the two identical pictures.

Or have a go at finding the sausage that definitely shouldn’t be in with the fruit and vegetables.

Coming back to the challenge, were you able to solve it?

If you didn’t see it, look again carefully.

Here is a hint for you: try looking at the picture from different angles of the room.

Still no luck?

If you are still scratching your head trying to solve it, here is what you need to do.

Just put your gaze near the bedside drawer and you will find the blue-green boots lying in front of it.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to find the solutions.

If you were able to solve it in under a minute, give yourself a pat on the back.

But if you solved it in less than seven seconds – congratulations to you as you have just been certified as a genius with an impeccable 20/20 vision.

If you found this puzzle too easy, try to find the hidden butterfly in this vintage scene.

Alternatively, you can also try finding the hidden monkey hiding in this image before the zoo closes for the night.

And scroll down to find the top four optical illusions that will surely bend your mind.

The shoe was kept right in front of the bedside drawer

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Spot the differences between the two pictures

One banana is toward the middle of the image while the other two are on the right

Were you able to spot the dog?

A watermelon has no seeds, fruits have been swapped, and logos have changed

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