I stayed in incredible UNDERWATER hotel room 13ft below surface…but people are pointing out some VERY scary drawbacks

I stayed in incredible UNDERWATER hotel room 13ft below surface…but people are pointing out some VERY scary drawbacks

A MAN has revealed his unique experience of staying in an underwater hotel room

Shaun Stanley, 44, visited the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, Tanzania, to experience the incredible room that is 13ft deep in water.

The deck that takes you to the underwater roomJam Press Vid/www.stanley-safari

Picture of the bed inside the underwater roomJam Press Vid/www.stanley-safari

Jam Press Vid/www.stanley-safariThe underwater is fitted with large windows to see the aquatic life[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/www.stanley-safariMarine life viewed from one of the large windows inside the underwater room[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/www.stanley-safariShaun, 44, said he had the most amazing experience living underwater[/caption]

Before visiting the resort, he pre-booked the room as an additional experience, paying $1,100 for the night.

Shaun, who has been to some amazing beach hotels and private islands, said it was one of the best experiences he ever had.

He said: “I have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing safari lodges, beach hotels, and private islands through my work, but for me, the Underwater Room was one of the best experiences.”

“I am not sure there is anything like this anywhere else on earth, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wishes to try something completely unique!”

Shaun filmed his stay his entire stay in the underwater room and uploaded it on Instagram.

The clip has since gained more than eight million views.

In the video, the thrill-seeker first shows the above-water part of the room, which has a shower, sofa area, a deck, and a ladder to the roof terrace.

But the real deal is the room underwater which steps down 13ft below the ocean – and is accessed by a tunnel.

The room boasts multiple large windows on each wall – and can be used to watch aquatic animals swim around you.

Shaun said in the video he was able to see lots of tropical fish and other aquatic animals that lived around that area, including turtles and octopuses.

He even saw a giant fish outside the room which came to feed on the smaller ones.

Shaun said: “From the underwater room, I saw lots of tropical fish that live around the floating room, using it for shelter as if it was part of the reef.

“At night when I turned the underwater lights on, bigger fish came to feed on the smaller ones.

“I even got to see some turtles and octopuses.

Addressing challenges like claustrophobia, Shaun said that the experience was so good it made him forget about other worries.

“I was worried I would be claustrophobic sleeping in the room underwater, but again because the experience is so amazing, you very quickly forget about any worries!”

“The floating room is secured to the bottom of the ocean floor, making it very sturdy.

“You hardly notice any movement!”

While Shaun says he had one the best experiences in life – and highly recommends other people to go for it at least once, his online fans do not seem to be convinced.

Highlighting some scary drawbacks, like anxiety and claustrophobia, most of his followers said they would never spend even a single night living underwater.

One such person said: “My anxiety would never allow me.”

Another one wrote: “That’s gonna be a no from me dog.”

A third said: “Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and a sea creature staring at you though.”

And a fourth person wrote: “What happens in the ocean is none of my f***ng business.”

One last critic expressed: “This would be the worst night sleep of my LIFE.”

However, other viewers were keen to try the thrilling experience themselves.

One such person wrote: “Omg wow I will not sleep, I will be watching the fish swimming the whole night.”

Another said: “Wow wow!! On the bucket list.”

The lounge area on the above-water part of the roomJam Press Vid/www.stanley-safari

Shaun even swam outside the roomJam Press Vid/www.stanley-safari

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