Passenger is kicked off plane after ‘FARTING too much & bragging about the smell’ on American Airlines flight

Passenger is kicked off plane after ‘FARTING too much & bragging about the smell’ on American Airlines flight

AN ANGRY passenger was not only kicked off a plane for farting too much but also made sure to brag about the smell, it has been claimed.

The man was removed from an American Airlines early evening flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, Texas.

A disgruntled and ‘possibly hungover’ passenger caused chaos by farting before being kicked off the plane

Getty Images – GettyHe boarded an American Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Austin, Texas[/caption]

The chaos forced the aircraft to return to its gate and delayed by 15 to 30 minutes at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, someone on the flight said.

The Texas-based passenger wrote on Reddit: “I was on a direct American flight from Phoenix to Austin and I was seated near the row where this situation occurred.”

They said the January 14 stinky situation was “kinda funny” and “somewhat entertaining” but nothing was filmed.

The Reddit poster added the passenger could have been hungover as they were “audibly disgruntled about something” after boarding the flight.

“As soon as he sat down, he was grumbling about something under his breath, like ‘f****** hell’ or something,” the fellow passenger wrote. 

Once most passengers were boarded, the “grown man” reportedly said: “You thought that was rude? Well how about this smell” and farted.

The witness did not know what led to the heated incident, but wrote “while kinda funny to overhear, it was uncalled for especially coming from a grown man on an airplane nonetheless.”

Female passengers sitting next to the one causing havoc on board were “seemingly minding their own business“, the person remembered.

They added: “I didn’t catch anyone’s response to that but the guy seated next to me and I exchanged smiles and shook our heads.”

Some people were said to be having snacks or eating food when the disgruntled man said: “Yeah, everybody let’s just eat the smelliest food possible all at the same time.”

The social media user also claimed that he was loud and condescending when he made the shocking remark. 

The situation then started to get heated when other passengers were fed up with his jokes, the author said.

“If you don’t like it you can fly private,” a male passenger who was seated nearby said.

Another then chimed in, saying: “I think we’d all agree you’re the rude one here.”

“Fartman replies something like ‘that’s just so low class’ and the other guy rebuttals with ‘well you’re back here in economy with the rest of us’,” the Reddit user wrote. 

Flight attendants intervened by saying, “that’s enough,” according to the author, as the flight was already taxiing towards the runway. 

Moments later, the plane came to a halt when the flight crew announced: “Apologies for the interruption, but we are returning to the gate. We will provide more information when we have it.”

As the plane returned to its gate, a flight attendant approached the farting passenger and informed him that he could not remain on the aircraft.

“He simply replies, ‘I don’t understand’ and she tells him they’ll talk about it off the plane,” the author wrote. 

Revealing the outcome of the flight chaos, he added: “He gets up, grabs his bag, and quietly exits the plane.

“We all breathed a sigh of relief when he was removed, I think most people were on edge about what he may say or do next.

“The trip was only delayed by 15-30 minutes, so all in all I think American handled it swiftly.”

A second person who claimed to be on the same American Airlines flight joked: “I … can attest that it was a stinky flight! I didn’t know what started the ordeal but there were a lot of smells competing in there.

“It was surprising that he left peacefully, but it was quite the walk of shame. I could hear him mumble ‘I just don’t understand’.”

Getty Images – GettyThe American Airlines flight was forced to return to its gate the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport[/caption]

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