Will the UK go to war?

Will the UK go to war?

THE head of the British Army is set to warn Brits that they could be called up to fight for the country in the event of war with Russia.

It comes following concerns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could trigger a wider conflict.

AlamyVladimir Putin has made threats to attack countries that support Ukraine[/caption]

Will the UK go to war?

Defence Minister Grant Shapps declared that international relations have entered ‘a new era’ on January 22, 2024.

“We must be prepared to deter our enemies, prepared to lead our allies and prepared to defend our nation whenever the call comes,” he said.

He added that Russia, China and Iran posed serious threats, labelling them “unstable” and “irrational”.

The UK is facing its 1937 moment over the war in Ukraine”

General Sir Patrick

The Russian attack on Ukraine is approaching its second anniversary on February 24.

Although Ukraine’s army has regained some territory, the overall situation on the ground has seen minimal change since Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

According to reports, the Russian President plans to boost his country’s military with an additional 170,000 troops.

In early January (2024) a leaked document from the German Ministry of Defence revealed Russia’s intention to launch a spring offensive in Ukraine in February.

The report, which was published by German newspaper Bild, also warned that Russia might carry out covert attacks on NATO territory as soon as July this year.

Russia has already given multiple signs that they are prepared to breach NATO borders.

In this situation, the UK and other NATO members would not be obliged to declare war on Russia.

Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato), but neighbouring countries such as Poland are.

A refugee scheme has been set up to help those fleeing the conflict come to the UK safely.

Other local groups have collected clothes and supplies and driven them to Poland or other countries neighbouring Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his full-scale attack on neighbouring Ukraine in the early hours of February 24, 2022.

The main cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv continue to be attacked, with the city of Mariupol also holding strong under Ukrainian control.

Civilian casualties have mounted up as Russia shells shopping malls and residential areas as well as military spaces.

Putin declared the besieged nation “belongs to Russia” during an incendiary speech.

Will I be drafted into the army?

Military conscription is no longer in use in the UK.

This means no one will be legally required to fight in a war if they don’t want to.

However, General Sir Patrick Sanders has warned the Government of the need to “mobilise” the public if the UK goes to war with Russia.

He told reporters that civilians would have to be mobilised in large numbers if war broke out.

He believes there should be a shift in the public’s mindset of who should be willing to defend the UK against foreign adversaries.

In addition, Nato bosses have warned allied nations to be prepared to take any actions necessary to fight Vladimir Putin’s forces.

NATO recently announced its biggest call-up in decades as 90,000 troops prepare to begin World War 3 drills.

Among this number will be 20,000 British troops as the alliance plans to test allies on their ability to engage in conflict with an adversary as capable as Russia.

The last time the British public was required to go to war was for the World Wars in 1914 and 1939.

UK men aged 18 to 40 were required to enlist during World War I between 1916 and 1920, in what was known as military service.

Obligatory national military service was stopped in 1960 and the last servicemen were discharged in 1963.

You can still sign up to be a soldier with the British Army, as a regular officer or a reserve.

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Who could go to war?

The long-anticipated Russia-Ukraine war began following a dispute regarding two areas of Ukraine, which president Putin had recognised as independent.

It paved the way for Russian tanks to roll into eastern Ukraine to “secure” ground grabbed by pro-Putin rebels in 2014, with 200,000 Russian troops ready to invade.

Many countries have expressed their support of Ukraine but none have actively joined the fight and declared war with Russia.

If Russia moves to any Nato country, then the organisation will be forced to step in, but so far there has been no signal of such action.

Nato is in defence mode and such countries are helping Ukraine with resources as many are coming together to collect food and supplies for citizens fleeing the country or trying to seek shelter.

There are 31 member states of Nato, including the US, all of whom would be required to defend any Nato member that Russia might invade.

The 31 independent Nato countries include:




















North Macedonia









United Kingdom

United States


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