Everyone can see the circus master – but you need a high IQ to find his elephant in this optical illusion in 8 seconds

Everyone can see the circus master – but you need a high IQ to find his elephant in this optical illusion in 8 seconds

YOU might just have a high IQ if you can find the hidden elephant in this optical illusion in eight seconds.

This tricky test will really challenge your observational skills as you race against the clock.

jagranjoshSomewhere within this image is the hidden elephant[/caption]

But that’s not to say it’s impossible – although you will need the sharpest of eyes to stand any chance of succeeding.

Nonetheless, even the most experienced puzzle solvers have trouble working this one out, proving it could be one of the most tricky optical illusions yet.

But if you manage to solve the conundrum and find the hidden elephant in eight seconds or less, then you must have a high IQ.

In the image provided by Jagran Josh, we can see a black and white, circus-themed drawing.

Immediately noticeable is the circus master, carrying a sword in one hand and a trumpet in the other.

In the background, we can also see a massive tent with “circus” written on it.

But hiding in plain sight is the missing elephant.

And with this drawing having no colour to it, you’re really up against the challenge to single out the world’s largest land animal.

Ironically, you’d think spotting something this big would be easy, but you’re going to have to think outside the box for this one.

Make sure to check every square inch of the photo and you’ll hopefully find it before the rest.

If you are struggling, however, then a clue is to look on the man’s back.

If you still can’t figure it out, then the answer is below.

The top half of the man’s left arm is the elephants ear, the button on his back is its eye and the bottom half of his jacket is it’s trunk.

jagranjoshWere you able to find the hidden elephant in less than eight seconds?[/caption]

Only those with a high IQ & 20/20 vision can find the discount in this illusion

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Were you able to find the discount tag?

Sigma SportsOnly the smartest can find the phantom bike in less than 12 seconds[/caption]

Ronnie BoehmCan you spot the clown in this creepy optical illusion?[/caption]

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