Salt Bae’s bizarre ‘Irish accent’ appears AGAIN as latest video of viral chef saying ‘mango’ leaves everyone baffled

Salt Bae’s bizarre ‘Irish accent’ appears AGAIN as latest video of viral chef saying ‘mango’ leaves everyone baffled

INTERNET sensation Salt Bae has left fans completely baffled AGAIN with his bizarre Irish accent – this time while slicing up a mango.

The fame-hungry chef famous for her gold-covered steaks and pestering Lionel Messi as Argentina won the World Cup is back again with a new clip.

Instagram / @nusr_etChef Salt Bae has left his fans baffled for a second time with his bizarre Irish accent[/caption]

Instagram / @nusr_etHe’s pronunciation of the word mango has people left than impressed[/caption]

The video captioned “Mengooo” was posted to the star’s Instagram page and shows him cutting up the fruit in his usual elaborate style.

He says just one word throughout the whole clip but his pronunciation of mango has got Instagrammers in a spin.

People were quick to comment on his post after his second attempt at an Irish accent.

One commented: “Dude you cringe af.”

Another added: “What is wrong with this guy?”

In a video posted back in February 2023, Salt Bae was blasted for his accent while saying the word avocado.

In the short clip, Nurset Gökçe is filmed putting an avocado through a peeling tool.

As he pushes the fruit through, slow motion is used for dramatic effect and is met with the Turkish chef saying “Avocado”.

Most people claimed he was putting on a Limerick accent.

“That’s a Limerick city accent,” a YouTube user said.

“I just saw this today and laughed,” one said.

“In fairness, try and say ‘avocado’ without a Limerick accent,” a second said.

“Works for me,” another said.

The chef became a huge social media star after his pricey golden steaks attracted rich and famous visitors to his chain of restaurants.

Recently Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was spotted at the Chef’s Dubai restaurant while enjoying his winter break.

Visitors of Nurset Gökçe diners have been left with eye-watering bills with £360 steaks and £56,000 worth of wine being added.

The chef sparked fury after he posted a picture of the bill on his Instagram, where he is followed by 54 million people.

But the blatant brag brought a flood of protest from local and social media – especially from Turkey, his home country.

Many felt it was an insult to ordinary hard-working Turks who are struggling to cope with more than 60 percent inflation and a 10 percent unemployment rate.

In December 2022, his popularity took a bashing after he was seen harassing Argentinian football players after their World Cup win against France.

It raised questions about how he had access to the pitch and how he was able to hold the World Cup trophy while getting close to an unimpressed Lionel Messi.

InstagramIt’s the second time the internet chef has attempted a bizarre accent[/caption]

INSTAGRAMIn 2022 the star was slammed for harassing Argentina players after their World Cup win against France[/caption]

YouTube @arsenallabMikel Arteta was spotted at Salt Bae’s Dubai restaurant[/caption]

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