Terrifying moment deadly tiger shark darts out of NOWHERE into shallow water just feet from beachgoers on hunt for prey

Terrifying moment deadly tiger shark darts out of NOWHERE into shallow water just feet from beachgoers on hunt for prey

THIS was the shocking moment a deadly tiger shark darted out of nowhere into shallow water in a frenzied hunt for prey.

The animal briefly beached itself on the sand, just feet away from beachgoers.

Ruthy RooA tiger shark was spotted alarmingly close to beachgoers in Australia’s Monkey Mia beach[/caption]

Ruthy RooThe animal then thrashed to get free before swimming back into the sea[/caption]

Ruthy RooThe animal appeared to be chasing a sea turtle in extremely shallow waters[/caption]

The shark then thrashed to get free, before hurtling back out towards deeper water.

Spine-chilling footage was shot at Monkey Mia beach on the Peron Peninsula in Australia.

The shark appeared to be hunting a sea turtle that escaped a bloody fate as it scurried towards the safety of land.

Aussies were left stunned as many thought it was not possible for a tiger shark to hunt so close to the shore.

The beachgoer who posted the video on social media said she was “in shock” following the shark sighting, but called the moment one of the “best of her life” despite her family swimming “waist-deep” in the same location “not long before.”

Another woman said: “Oh my god! It comes into the sand at such speed too. If you saw it, you’d not be able to move in time.”

“Surely they don’t usually come to shore,” another added.

A third wrote: “How privileged to witness nature going about her business.”

But the behaviour is not unusual for tiger sharks, says environmental scientist Daryl McPhee.

Dr McPhee said while this shark appeared focused on the turtle, the video was a “good reminder for people to be wary when swimming near where turtles are nesting or where there is turtle activity”.

He told Yahoo: “Tiger sharks are specialists at eating marine turtles and are one of the few natural predators adult sea turtles have.”

“It is absolutely common for them to get that close [to shore] where turtles are feeding or nesting.”

Tiger Sharks

Tiger sharks are named from the black, vertical stripes that appear mostly on youngsters.

As these sharks develop, their lines fade and practically vanish, National Geographic reports.

Tiger sharks are one of only three species considered extremely dangerous to humans, accounting for nearly all fatal encounters, along with bull sharks and great white sharks.

However, because they have such an undiscerning taste, they are unlikely to swim away after biting a human, like great white sharks regularly do.

Tiger sharks are common in tropical and subtropical waters across the world.

Large ones can reach 20 to 25 feet in length and weigh more than 1,900 pounds.

They are consummate scavengers, with sharp, highly serrated teeth and strong jaws capable of cracking sea turtle and clam shells.

Tiger sharks are frequently collected for their fins, skin, and flesh, and their livers contain a high concentration of vitamin A, which can be processed into vitamin oil.

They have extremely poor repopulation rates and hence may be especially vulnerable to fishing pressure. They are classified as near threatened across their range.

GettyTiger sharks are among the top three most dangerous sharks to humans[/caption]

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