World’s largest bouncy castle inside inflatable utopia with assault course & squishy photo booth in VERY unlikely place

World’s largest bouncy castle inside inflatable utopia with assault course & squishy photo booth in VERY unlikely place

THRILLSEEKERS can jump for joy on the world’s largest bouncy castle – a 15,000 ft long assault course inside an inflatable utopia.

Not just for kids, The Jumbo Jump theme park in Karachi Pakistan is an action-packed experience for all ages and houses the biggest inflatable in the world according to Guinness World Records.

GettyThe Jumbo Castle is the world’s largest bouncy castle as certified by the Guinness World Records[/caption]

instagram/@thejumbojumpVisitors can enjoy several fun zones with a ball pit, photo booth, and an assault course[/caption]

instagram/@thejumbojumpThe Jumbo Castle took six months to design but just ten minutes to inflate[/caption]

GettyPictures show adults and children alike leaping, climbing, and sliding on several of the park’s fun zones.[/caption]

The Jumbo Castle is a whooping 15,295ft long, covering 200,000 square feet, and able to hold 200 jumpers at one time.

Described as a “colossal fortress soaring 40ft high”, the whooping inflatable with slides, climbing walls, and colourful towers took six months to design.

The castle was unveiled in November last year and is one of many attractions at the sprawling theme park.

As well as the World’s largest “bounce house”, the site has a huge ball pit, a basketball court, and platforms to knock off your opponent in a fierce duel.

Other fun features include a photo booth and the Titan-Trial assault course for fitness fanatics to test their skills.

Footage from the tourist attraction shows adults and children alike leaping, climbing, and sliding on several of the park’s fun zones.

Despite only being open for just two months, Jumbo Jump has been a huge hit with fun-seekers.

Visitors commented on the theme park’s Instagram page: “No doubt, it’s an amazing place!”

Another added: “Loved going there! What an experience.”

Founder Safeer Khan dreamed up the circus-themed plans in a bid to bring joy and excitement to the local community and more diverse entertainment options to Pakistan.

But Safeer had the record in mind and so set about designing a castle that could smash the previous record-holder out of the park.

Amazingly the Jumbo Castle took just ten minutes to inflate before it was accurately measured using lasers by the team at Guinness World Records.

Dubai’s 12,000 square-foot JumpX was pushed off the top spot after being named the largest bouncy castle in the world last year.

JumpX, based at Dubai Parks and Resorts, includes an array of climbing walls, tunnels and obstacles – only opening during the country’s cooler season.

When it launched in February 2023, it was handed the record before being beaten by Jumbo Jump in January.

Due to its huge size, the park takes safety procedures seriously asking jumpers to remove shoes and not to attempt somersaults or rough play.

Safeer Khan said: “We believe in creating moments that go beyond the ordinary, and breaking the world record for the largest jumping castle at Jumbo Jump is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled joy and entertainment in Pakistan.

“Our success is not just measured in numbers but in the smiles, laughter and shared experiences of the communities we serve.

“Jumbo Jump is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the extraordinary, and we look forward to continuing our journey of breaking records and creating memories that last a lifetime.”

A tourist attraction in China has been handed the unwanted title of the “world’s worst theme park” after visitors believed it was abandoned.

Sat in China’s capital of Beijing, the Shijingshan Amusement Park has been dubbed a knock-off Disneyland by tourists for decades because of the damaged, pound-shop versions of attractions and characters.

Costing just 10 Yuan (£1.11), the cost of entering the not-so-magical park is roughly one percent of Disney World’s hefty cost.

But despite the unarguable value for money, what lies behind the rusty old entrance gates certainly isn’t on the level of Disney.

GettyThe park also includes the Titan-Trial, an assault course not for the faint-hearted[/caption]

instagram/@thejumbojumpThe park caters for all ages and gives visitors a chance to explore their inner child[/caption]

GettyThe tourist attraction in Pakistan hopes to give visitors “memories that last a lifetime”[/caption]

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