Everyone can see the sleepy girl – but you are in the top 1% if you can spot the bumblebee in 5 seconds

Everyone can see the sleepy girl – but you are in the top 1% if you can spot the bumblebee in 5 seconds

YOU are a true genius if you can find the hidden bumblebee in this latest brainteaser just under five seconds.

This optical illusion will put your eyesight and intelligence to the test as you try to uncover the bee’s camouflage.

Bright SideCan you spot the bumblebee in five seconds?[/caption]

In this image, a girl is seen sleeping peacefully in her bed surrounded by her cats and dogs.

But a buzzing bee is lurking somewhere in the room and disrupting the quiet.

Set yourself on a challenge to find the bumblebee as you race the clock.

You only have five seconds to prove yourself a true genius and the most-seasoned puzzler.

Remember that only those with the sharpest eyes and strong determination can succeed.

That’s because this optical illusion has even the most experienced puzzle solvers racking their brains.

And if you don’t give it your best, you’re likely to follow them down the same path of failure.

Brainteasers are purposefully designed to trick our vision and can be used as simple determiners of intelligence.

They are widely regarded as helping improve our attention spans, concentration, and overall cognitive abilities.

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Ronnie BoehmCan you see the face of the clown?[/caption]

Back to our challenge – how was your luck in finding the bumblebee?

If not, then look no further – the answer is highlighted in the image below.

The chubby little bee has been hiding in the plain sight all this time.

Don’t be disheartened if you missed it – you can train your puzzle-solving skills with more challenges below.

BrightsideThe hiding spot of the bumblebee is highlighted[/caption]

Can you see the hidden horse?

There it is!

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It is hiding at the bottom left of the image

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It was hiding in a plan sight all this time

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