Heartless mum abandoned son, 7, for 2 YEARS in cold flat where he lived off stolen tomatoes to run off with girlfriend

Heartless mum abandoned son, 7, for 2 YEARS in cold flat where he lived off stolen tomatoes to run off with girlfriend

A HEARTLESS mother has abandoned her seven-year-old son for two years in an unheated flat as he lived off stolen tomatoes to survive.

Alexandra Oger, 39, was convicted of leaving the boy while she moved in with her girlfriend Charlene Muller, who is not accused of wrongdoing, and her two children.

FacebookAlexandra Oger, pictured right, abandoned her son to movein with her girlfriend Charlene Muller, pictured left[/caption]

FacebookOne of Oger’s bizarre posts on social media is captioned with ‘I love my family’ as her boy was left alone in a freezing flat[/caption]

FacebookThe French woman told the court she was a ‘good mother’ as she was convicted of abandoning her child[/caption]

The child, now a teenager, was forced to fend for himself between 2020 and 2022, eating canned food and tomatoes stolen from a neighbour’s planters.

He was stuck in a form of low-income housing known in France as a HLM, in Nersac, Angoulême, that had no heating or electricity.

Washing himself using cold water and living off a powerless empty fridge, he also had to curl up at night in three duvets, prosecutor Anne Medioni told a court.

It was only after the ground-floor neighbour caught the kid taking the tomatoes that police were called – just after the boy’s ninth birthday.

The shocking story emerged earlier this month when the mum of two appeared before a court in Angouleme charged with child abandonment, MailOnline reports.

The boy’s older brother lived with their father.

The 39-year-old was sentenced to 18 months in jail, with six months suspended while wearing an ankle bracelet, for endangering the health and safety of a minor by abandoning them.

Oger claimed she would occasionally ride her scooter to a nearby grocery shop to buy food for her child.

The French woman also told the court she was a “good mother” and did not abandon her son.

But mobile phone data showed she was staying most of the time three miles away at Sireuil.

Oger insisted her neighbours were mistaken and that the mobile data was not conclusive as she “often forgot and mislaid her telephone”.

Passing sentence, judge Ancelin Nouaille told the heartless mother: “The evidence is overwhelming. You abandoned your son.”

Cops are still questioning the local school’s head teacher and staff – just ten minutes away from the freezing flat – to find out why nobody raised any concerns all this time.

“He was always very polite and presentable and very good at school. He’s left here now and no longer a pupil,” the headmistress at the primary school told MailOnline.

“There was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong otherwise we would have raised the alarm.

“The mother would sometimes be outside school and come to parent evenings but there was nothing untoward.”

Meanwhile, the abandoned child and his older siblings appear in posts on their mum’s bizarre social media feeds.

But while her son was living on his own, she shared photos of the children she co-parented with Muller, but not of her own two boys.

“My family, my happiness is everything that matters. I love you very much,” her online bio reads.

Oger has also posted photos of herself with Muller, and the two are thought to have had a civil wedding ceremony, as a photo of wedding rings was shared in 2019.

The feed is also flooded with couple selfies, most of them in some sort of romantic filter.

In one post written in the summer of 2018 Oger wrote: “Every family has a history. Welcome to ours,” to which Muller replied: “I love you, my love.”

“The family is where life begins and where love never finishes,” another post read.

The evidence is overwhelming. You abandoned your son.”

Judge Ancelin Nouaille

“I’ve been here 18 years and she moved in around 2019, just before Covid,” a neighbour opposite the second floor flat where the boy lived in told MailOnline.

“She was here with two boys, one older one younger and then all of a sudden, I stopped seeing the older boy and heard he had gone to live with his father.

“I saw the little one but very infrequently, I don’t get out much and I sometimes saw the mum come round every now and then with a bag of shopping.

They continued: “I had no idea the boy was there on his own. He always seemed so well looked after when I saw him and it’s incredible to think this was happening.

“It was the neighbour on the ground floor who raised the alarm after they caught the boy stealing tomatoes from planters outside the flat.

“I haven’t seen the mother now for a while, the first time anyone knew anything was when the police came asking and now I know she moved to a village 5km from here with her new partner, a woman.”

According to neighbours, the couple is now coparenting three other children, one of whom was born through artificial insemination, it was claimed.

Partner Muller’s social media family tree doesn’t mention Oger’s two children, but the other three are named.

FacebookOger is now co-parenting three other children with Muller, neighbours claimed[/caption]

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