Everyone can see the tigers – but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot their 12 relatives in the illusion in 22 seconds

Everyone can see the tigers – but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot their 12 relatives in the illusion in 22 seconds

THIS tricky optical illusion has left puzzle-lovers scratching their heads and questioning the quality of their eyesight.

Everyone can see the four main tigers in the image, but only those with 20/20 vision can spot their 12 relatives in less than 22 seconds.

www.jagran.comCan you see all 16 tigers in this image?[/caption]

At first glance, you will see two adult tigers standing either side of their cubs in a forest filled with blooming flowers and other wildlife.

The sun is setting in the background as birds watch from the limbs of trees and smaller plants.

But those with a sharp eye will soon discover there are more than four tigers in this optical illusion.

If you have 20/20 vision, you should find the faces of 12 additional tigers in less than 22 seconds.

Can you see them all?

A helpful tip is to search from left to right, then up to down.

How did you go?

Fear not if you cannot see them all, for we have the solution below.

The faces of the dozen additional tigers surround the four central tigers and are hidden in a tree trunk, in rocks, on the ground, and in the branches of shrubs.

While you’re here, let’s try some more puzzles.

This brain teaser by Toff London is full of furry friends – but there is one pooch in particular who has been naughty.

Toff LondonCan you spot the sneaky pup with the sausages in its mouth?[/caption]

The image shows a plethora of different dog breeds, including Pugs, Golden Retriever, hounds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, poodles, and more.

Some of the pups have balls in their mouths; others are chewing on a well-deserved bone.

But one dog stands out among the rest, holding a string of sausages in his mouth, happy as can be.

Can you find him in less than 15 seconds? If you can, you have the eyes of a hawk.

If you weren’t able to find the dog that stole the sausages, take a look at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see him circled in red, content with his big find.

And, if you’re a true genius, you’ll find the hidden bumblebee in this brainteaser in under five seconds.

Bright SideCan you spot the bumblebee in five seconds?[/caption]

The optical illusion will put both your eyesight and your intelligence to the test as you try to uncover the bee’s camouflage.

In the image, a girl is seen sleeping peacefully in her bed surrounded by her cats and dogs.

But a buzzing bee is lurking somewhere in the room and disrupting the quiet.

Set yourself a challenge to find the bumblebee as you race the clock.

You only have five seconds to prove you’re a true genius and a seasoned puzzler.

How did you go?

If you weren’t able to spot the mischievous bee, take a look at our solution below – you’ll see him circled in yellow.

You can also test your IQ and your observation skills by trying to find the horse hidden in this picture in less than 12 seconds.

Bright Side – Jagran JoshCan you spot the hidden horse in this optical illusion?[/caption]

Doing so is no easy feat; it takes the average person over a minute to find the horse as they are likely to become distracted by all of the vibrant colours in the image.

Did you find the horse in 12 seconds? If not, don’t worry, for we have the answer.

You’ll see him below, circled in white.

The 12 additional tigers are hidden among naturewww.jagran.com

Toff LondonThe naughty Newfoundland is holding the string of sausages in his mouth[/caption]

BrightsideThe hiding spot of the bumblebee is highlighted[/caption]

Bright Side – Jagran JoshIf you were able to spot the horse in 12 seconds, you definitely have the IQ of a genius[/caption]

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