I was shown alien bodies held at a secret Nasa base – they had big heads but looked like us, claims Uri Geller

I was shown alien bodies held at a secret Nasa base – they had big heads but looked like us, claims Uri Geller

MAGICIAN Uri Geller claims he was shown “alien bodies” which were small and thin with big heads – but looked uncannily “like us”.

The 77-year-old, who claims to have originated spoon-bending, said he was taken to the bodies by a Nasa engineer and an astronaut.

You TubeInfamous footage of a ‘dead alien’ fooled the world for a decade before filmmaker Spyros Melaris admitted to faking it[/caption]

AFPFamous psychic Uri Geller claims he was shown alien bodies held beneath a Nasa base[/caption]

X/TwitterUri claims German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun showed him the bodies[/caption]

He claimed the bodies were kept inside a “massive” and refrigerated room deep below Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, which is about 10km northeast of Washington DC, in Greenbelt, Maryland in the US.

Uri said German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun and astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, brought him to a concrete building at the base.

Three flights of stairs below the building, he claims to have seen about eight bodies – some of which were “not intact but mangled” – in glass containers.

He said: “Before we went in von Braun asked me to put on an orange, Antarctic-style warm coat – with the circular blue NASA logo on it – and he also put one on too.

“Inside it smelled like a hospital.

“I could see what looked like heavy, glass containers, with lifeless bodies lying inside them.

“It was a shocking sight! Like when you see an accident that has happened, and you feel like something has hit you in the stomach.”

The transparent containers the “aliens” were kept in were thick and triple-glazed, Uri said.

Inside the “coffins” – which were supposedly misted with frost along the edges and corners – were thin and frail-looking, small-bodied creatures with big heads, according to the magician.

He claimed: “They looked uncannily like us -enough for me to feel repulsed and sorry for seeing these ‘victims’.

“They had either been severely injured or had decomposed a lot. But not all.”

The famous self-proclaimed psychic also took a chance to hit back at his detractors, stating none of their “cynical and sceptical scoffing comments” would change would he saw.

They looked uncannily like us

Uri Gellerfamous magician

It is not the first time Uri has shared controversial claims about his supposed dealings with aliens.

In 2021, he said he had been secretly working with Americans for years to contact extraterrestrial beings and had even been shown a piece of a crashed UFO.

He said at the time: “For years I had to deny my true mission and camouflage my work.

“Few people know the truth. I presume all world leaders do – Obama, Trump, Netanyahu – we are communicating with ET.”

Uri said that when he first met aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun, the rocket designer took an object from a safe and presented it to him and claimed it was a piece from a crashed UFO.

The magician said: “He wanted me to tell him what I felt from the material. I felt it wasn’t terrestrial – it was metallic, elongated and had a hue I have never seen before.

He said the material felt “like it was alive” and “breathing”.

Uri’s bold new claims come after US officials indicated there is something in the skies, with suggestions they were now considered a threat to national security worth discussing even at the highest levels of government.

Nasa released a groundbreaking UFO report in September which looked at how data about unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs, is collected across the US government and private sectors.


In July, a new office in the Pentagon, founded to allow servicemen the ability to report UAPs without fear of retaliation, revealed nearly half of the sightings reported were strange and required further investigation.

Eerie film footage supposedly showing a dead alien that had been discovered following the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 fooled the world for a decade before Spyros Melaris revealed in 2018 that it was faked.

Even a CIA scientist thought the fake alien autopsy was real, a bizarre leaked memo revealed.

The 2001 document claimed former CIA scientist Kit Green was “briefed three different times during and after his tenure at CIA on topics relevant to UFOs and the Roswell Incident Alien Autopsy”.

The memo, which was believed to have been leaked from the archives of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, stated: “After Kit left the CIA he was called into the Pentagon by a person in uniform.

“This person showed Kit the alien autopsy photos and reports etc. The photos of the alien cadaver Kit saw were consistent with the cadaver seen in the 1995 Santilli film/video.

“Kit was asked to professional evaluate the material provided to him at this particular briefing.”

Green provided his professional evaluation of the footage in January 2001, according to the leaked document.

A summary of his evaluation stated: “The Alien Autopsy film/video is real, the alien cadaver is real, and the cadaver seen in the film/video is the same as the photos Kit saw at the 1987/88 Pentagon briefing.”

The strange video was released to the world by Brit entrepreneur Ray Santilli, who claimed he obtained it in 1992 from a retired US military cameraman while seeking archive footage of Elvis Presley in the US.

A young Uri at the Goddard Space Flight Centre, beneath which he claims the aliens were held

GettyAmerica’s most infamous UFO ‘crash’ is said to have occurred near Roswell, New Mexico[/caption]

APChildren eye a model of an alien on display inside the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell[/caption]

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