Inside bizarre AirBnB made from a Boeing 737 with cockpit jacuzzi, roof terrace on the wing and its own helipad

Inside bizarre AirBnB made from a Boeing 737 with cockpit jacuzzi, roof terrace on the wing and its own helipad

TOURISTS can now stay in a Boeing 737-turned luxury hotel – with classic plane features to boot.

The impressive jet – decked out with all the classic plane features, boasts a cockpit jacuzzi, open cargo door viewing spots and a roof terrace on the wing.

instagram/@privatejetvillaThe converted Boeing 737 which is now a luxury hotel[/caption]

instagram/@privatejetvillaIt comes with a terrace on the wing of the jet[/caption]

instagram/@privatejetvillaAnd the AirBnB boasts a cockpit jacuzzi[/caption]

After arriving by helicopter to the nearby helipad, visitors disembark only to clamber aboard the plane – once abandoned and now the height of luxury.

The huge aircraft has been overhauled to accommodate up to four people at a time on board – and it’s innovative, but not cheap.

Those who stay can enjoy lazing around in the world’s first cockpit jacuzzi – 150ft above the ground.

The wings of the Boeing have been refurbished into a type of bizarre roof terrace where people can also cosy up in front of a fire – as long as they stay balanced.

It even extends slightly over the edge of the cliff – sure to induce vertigo, but kept safe by a glass edge.

A glass front infinity pool lies next to the enormous jet – and it’s exterior has been maintained to keep the classic plane features.

A row of small windows lines the side of the plane, it’s wheels remain firmly planted on the ground underneath, and a huge open cargo door on one side allows guests to admire the ocean.

The bizarre hotel also comes with its own chef and massage therapist for the full first class flight-turned-holiday experience.

And not far from the pool and sun loungers is a fireplace for those who want to disembark and feel solid ground for a little while.

Jetsetting couples can even get married on the plane.

The innovate AirBnB sits on 150 metres above the ground on the Nyang Nyang Cliffs, in Uluwatu, Bali.

The jet was once in service in Indonesia for Mandala Airlines, who shut down in 2014, leaving it stranded.

Eerie pictures show it looking grubby and somewhat unloved – and it was heading for the scrap heap.

Russian tycoon Felix Demin soon snapped it up – taking the plane apart bit by bit and sending over the pieces to Nyang Nyang.

He began the mammoth project in 2021 and told South China Morning Post that “moving it cost a small fortune and took five days”.

“We had to bring in special equipment from [the adjacent island] Java: a 16-metre-long [52-foot] truck, a 50-tonne crane and another 25-tonne crane. The permits alone were a nightmare.

“In Bali, the roads are small so at a few places, we had to disassemble the plane in the middle of the road and reassemble it around the corner.

“Everything else I have done in business before this has been kindergarten compared to this,” he said.

The entrepreneur dubbed the project harder than 150 of his other finished and ongoing construction plans – combined.

Now the gleaming beige and white interiors, marble bathtubs and pristine views are a world away from its former shabby exterior.

And the price tag reflects it.

To spend a night in the clouds – so to speak – you’d have to shell out almost £4,000 according to

In the winter and spring the price per night for four guests is £3,800 – but come June they soar right up to £6,200 – and they don’t go down again until September.

The project, which took two years, ran over by more than £780,000.

Denim said: “It was my dream to make this happen and I achieved it. But it was incredibly hard and I won’t be making another one.

“There’s a billionaire in the US who wants me to make one for him; he already has the plane and the land, he just says come and renovate it and he’ll write me a blank cheque. I turned him down.”

instagram/@privatejetvillaOne of the bedrooms includes an open cargo door window seat – with safety netting[/caption]

instagram/@privatejetvillaThe bathroom also has one of the striking open-door viewing points[/caption]

instagram/@privatejetvillaThe project manager, Felix Denim, spent two years renovating the plane to look like this[/caption]

instagram/@privatejetvillaThe plane has been restored and maintained to include all its original features – windows and wheels included[/caption]

An infinity pool nestled under the side of the jet

There’s a cosy fireplace on solid ground for those wanting to disembark

Felix Denim, Russian entrepreneur who built the Boeing AirBnB with an abandoned jet

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